Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Experimental Cooking Tuesdays

Tonight, we decide to try out a recipe inspired by my friend, Janna, Cookie Dough Wontons.  At first, we couldn't get the set up right.  We ended up with something that looked like this:

Which for the recorded tasted ok, but wasn't really the desired effect.  So my sister Libbie, who has been threatening me about getting on this blog anyway, came up with a different method.

First, put a wrapper in an egg wash.

Then, you place cookie dough in the middle.

Finally, fold the corners up toward the middle, securing it tightly.

Pop the wonton in hot oil for about a minute (or until they are golden brown).

Then, take it out at a nice golden brown.

Cover with powdered sugar and you got yourself a yummy treat!  I declare Experimental Cooking Tuesday a great success!!  Thanks for the inspiration, Janna, and to my little sis for her experimental cooking expertise!


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  1. Yeh! I'm so glad you tried them and they turned out well. They look yummy. And the powdered sugar is a nice touch. Apparently, there is a great restaraunt in Nashville that has the cookie dough egg rolls which is where I got the idea to try them myself. That place is famous for them I think.

    Hey, didn't know you were a fellow Gilmore Girls fan. I'm an avid watcher. Though I do not approve of their lifestyles they crack me up and all the other crazy characters on that show. Sookie and Jackson are my favorites I think. =)


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