Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. When and where were the best fireworks you've ever seen? Speaking of you know your hot buttons? The things people can say and/or do to set you off? When was the last time someone pushed one of your hot buttons?

I saw some pretty good ones last night!  The people a block over were shooting them in the street and it was like they were in my yard.  

I used to be easier to trigger, but I have mellowed with age.  I tend to only get really fired up when someone is unfair to someone in a position of less authority.  This is usually when it comes to students, but can show up in other forms, too.  

2. Have you hosted any outdoor summer parties this year? Attended any? What makes for a great outdoor party?

I'm not an outdoor person.  I certainly haven't thrown any outdoor parties, and every time I think I'm going to one, I talk myself into some AC instead.  It's humid here and I just don't enjoy the heat.  

In that vein, the key to an outdoor party is cool weather or access to a pool!

3. What does freedom mean to you?

To me, freedom means that I have the right to have opinions, even if you disagree with them.   And vice versa.  One of the most frustrating things to me right now is that no one is open to actual discourse on seemingly any topic.

4. July is National Cell Phone Courtesy month...what annoys you most about people's cell phone habits?

The thing that annoys me most is when people use cell phones as an excuse not to have manners or be present with people.  

5. What's your current summer anthem?

I have been listening to Glorious by Macklemore, There's Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes, and Cut to the Feeling by Carly Rae Jepsen pretty heavily on my walk playlist.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

It always feels like the summer ends quickly after the 4th.  But by the time we get there, I'm always ready to get back to work and see how the kiddos have grown over the summer..