Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday's List

1.  In TWO days, my vacation starts!  A vacation that I have looked forward to since vacation last year, in all seriousness.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am! 

2.  Pertaining to that, I can't even begin to tell you how much I have to get done before now and then.  Oh, the laundry!   Oh, the cleaning!   Oh, the things I will do to avoid those other two!

3.  Meanwhile, I have been working on creating the best possible combination of awesome music for my iPod.  Well, at least music that we will think is awesome.  You would probably be ashamed.  I probably should be, too.  But where else are you likely to hear Steve Winwood's "Higher Love" followed by Salt-n-Pepa's "Shoop?" 

4.  When break is over, I will officially be in party planning overdrive.  There's plenty of school stuff to work on, but what I'm much more excited about is T's baby shower!  I love planning things like this and I can't wait to start putting it all together.  I'm even more excited about finding all manner of goodies for Little Miss Macy Jane!

5.  My hair has been rebeling lately.  I don't really know what to do with it and it's new found need to stick out everywhere.  I find it annoying.  Apparently, MoroccanOil is the cure-all for all hair problems, so maybe I will start there.  Or many it's just time to change my shampoo?  I don't know.  I welcome all suggestions in the comments.

6.  I'm super hyper today for absolutely no reason.  But here I am, running around like a gerbil on speed.  Just hoping I can keep it up until track practice this afternoon!  My co-coach is sick so I'm **singing** "ALL BY MYSELF...don't wanna be....ALL BY MYSELF (with 20 middle schoolers)"  Like I said, hyper.

7.  I wasn't going to go to my WW weigh-in tonight because I was positive that I have gained weight this week because I haven't made good choices and have been eating like there's no tomorrow, but when I weighed in the nurse's office this morning, I hadn't.   So, I guess I will run by the meeting tonight and see for sure.  (All bets are off next week, when I'll be all "Pass me the fried pickles and I do believe I will have an apple dumpling.")

8.  I'm trying really hard to reduce the number of exclamation points I use.  It makes people who actually use correct grammar, like Crys, cringe.  I just can't help it that I am easily excitable, even in my writing!

9.  I have to make a trip to town tomorrow.  I need a cable from Best Buy, one more beach towel, some suncreen, and to stay away from Annie Laurie's Antiques, so that I don't spend all of my money.  (But there is this cookie tin...)

10.  Middle schoolers are way weirder than most people would ever even begin to imagine.  Particularly when they are in their "wolf packs."  Oh, the stories I could tell you!

Look alive, people!  It's almost Friday...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. April rolls in at the end of this week and in celebration of that infamous date (April 1st) answer this question-What is something foolish you've done?

     I'm prone to doing foolish things.  Like yesterday morning when I drove to school in third gear and wondered why my car was acting funny. 

2. With April comes Easter and that classic edible treat known as tell me...what's your favorite way to fix/eat chicken? That wasn't what you were expecting, was it? I 'fooled' you. teehee.
      I like it best when someone else has cooked it because raw chicken grosses me out.  I will pretty much eat chicken every way, but I don't particularly love it on the bone. 

3. What's the best museum you've ever visited? Or your favorite? Or the one you'd most like to visit?
      I loved the Smithsonian Museum of American History.  I'm a huge history nerd and could have happily stayed in there all day.  I'd love to visit the Louvre or go back to the Met with enough time to really absorb all of the artwork inside of it.

4. You know what they say about April showers...what's your preference-a shower or a bath?
     Shower.  But only because I don't have a nice garden tub with jacuzzi jets.  Cast iron tubs are cold, and mine is not very deep either.

5. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"...fact or fiction? Why?
     I think it's mostly fact.  The people in the opening of Love Actually look awfully happy to see each other, anyway.  I know that with friends who have been gone for a time, I'm always super excited when I get to see them.  (I'll likely be obnoxious by the time Tara heads home in May!)  I also think that when you have had a little time and distance from your "real life" everything seems a little easier when you come back into it.  (Or as I refer to it the "Why Vacations Rock" Theory!)

6. What's your favorite product made/grown in your home state/province?

      I am lucky enough to live in my state's very own wine country.  The girls and I have a lot of fun out on the wine trail and I have been lucky enough to try all kinds of different wines from many different vineyards.  Though I will have to say that sangria on a warm, sunny day totally hits the spot!

7. What is going on in the world today that affects you the most?

     I know that as a history teacher I should be really attuned to world events, but I will admit that I'm not.  I will say that because I am a teacher, the plight of children around the world is something near and dear to me.  Whether we are talking clean drinking water, safety from child traffickers, freedom to be educated--all of those things speak to my heart.  I also think a lot about children with diseases like cancer and congenital heart defects, and what can be done to find cures so that more children don't have to suffer.  I don't think countries can truly be world powers until the needs of its most helpless citizens are met.

8. This week seems to be speeding by, so far.  Track practice starts this week, today's pay day, we have a field trip Friday, and then it's straight on to Spring Break!  I'm way more excited than the kids at this point!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Those Days

I'm just having one of those days.  It's not really a bad day, because I have kept my sense of humor, but things have not gone according to plan.  For instance, within two minutes of being awake this morning, I stepped in cat barf in the dark.  (Thanks, Tuesday, nice to know that's how you are planning on playing things.)  I drove most of the way to work before realizing that my car was in third gear. (That does explain the funny noises and the lack of proper acceleration, I suppose.)  Then, at lunch, I dribbled BBQ chicken pizza down my chin and the front of my white shirt.  (Really? Now you're just trying to embarrass me.)

I fully have things in perspective here.  These are minor challenges on an otherwise perfectly fine day, but I'd really like to avoid any other mishaps if at all possible.  (Think you have it in you?

Anyone else having one of those days?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

I used to sum up my weekends all the time on here, but I haven't in a while.  I think this is probably because weekends have been pretty quiet recently, which is welcome after most weeks.  Trust me, the last thing I want to do after running around crazy all week is to run around all weekend.  I think this means I am getting old, because I use to love being busy all the time. 

On Saturday, Amber and I went to dinner at BHG and went to see Hairspray.  While there, we discovered this behind a loose brick in the wall. 

I'm pretty sure there's a perfectly good reason behind it, however, we preferred to make up our own stories and enjoy our Tucker Hill. 

Dinner was awesome!  I really meant to take pictures of it, but got so busy eating I forgot.  Bread pudding with bourbon sauce is heaven on a plate!  I think I could totally eat my weight in it and then promptly die a happy woman.  After dinner, we went to the show.  It was fabulous!  I've been a performer and an audience member for a lot of shows, but I don't think I've ever seen an audience having so much fun!  And it showed in the energy of the cast.  We laughed and even picked up a few new catch phrases!  I will say that I love when you learn new things about your friends.  I found out that Amber quite possibly has the worst taste in "favorite musicals" ever.  But I am a musical theather snob, so I only mocked a little...

Sunday, I went to church and had dinner with the Mays clan, and managed to not take a single picture of the day.  I was going to go home, but ended up just staying in town and hanging out until Bible study.  I know I've mentioned it before but I love the women of this group so very much!  I don't know that I have ever laughed or cried as much as I do with them.  God is working on us, and we are only in our third of eleven weeks!  I can't wait to see what God is going to do next!

Prayer Mondays

I was going to attempt to say something deep and meaningful here, but I am pretty sure I'm developing a migraine this morning, so I am going to just get right into it...

  • For the wonderful women of our Bible study--there's no one I would rather laugh and cry with.
  • For granting me the right words to say in some difficult situations this week
  • For Uncle James - after some great reports, he had a really bad night on Friday.  By Sunday, the doctors felt like he was back on the right track, but it's more stress and strain on his body and on his spirit.  Please pray for the healing of both. 
  • For his wife, my Auntie Beth - She has been such a pillar of strength and calm, but I know that is because of God.  She has had some people offer very unsolicited (and somewhat rude) opinions this week, and she handled them with a grace that I am convinced I would not have had.
  • I have several personal requests that I am not able to share with you all right now.  I pray that God will be present in those situations and with the beloved people dealing with them.
  • For Lucy - If you haven't been following this situation, you can find out more about it here.

Father God, be with us this week.  Guide and direct our paths and help us as we face any decisions.  Your eye is on the sparrow, so how much more do You care for Your people?  We are so blessed!  Thank you for the women who step out in faith each week and be with their requests and concerns as well.   Amen.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Get Fit Fridays

How long have I been doing this again?Three Weeks!

Weight Loss This Week/Total Weight Loss
1.4 lbs/7.9 pounds 

New pants?
I bought three pairs of pants today.  (and several shirts, too!)  My old pants don't fit yet, and I had to have some capris to wear.  It was actually kind of fun to shop.

How am I sleeping?
I'm sleeping much better.  Once I'm down, I am out for the night.  Unless, of course, I have to pee.  And since I'm drinking close to 128 ounces of water a day, that's a pretty safe bet.

Best Moment This Week:
Knowing that I am still losing and I haven't quit.  Normally, by the third week of a diet, I'm already bored.  I really believe that I will be successful if I just keep sticking with it and doing the work.

I walked a couple of times this week, but this was a rough one.  I had too much going on and spent a lot of my time feeling overwhelmed.  But it's a new week and I am ready to work!  (Plus track practices start on Tuesday!)

I need ice cream all the time.  But luckily WW has some good treats and I've figured out a couple other things I can have that don't wreck my points for the day.

What I miss: 
I don't miss much of anything because I'm willing to make sacrifices to have success. 

What I am looking forward to: 
Spring Break!  I need sand between my toes and waves lapping against my ankles, with every fiber of my being.  And now that I have new clothes, it's SO on!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A List

1.  I realized today that there is not a single week for the remainder of the year when I don't have at least one major event.  These includes but is not limited to:  concessions for five baseball games,  taking at least 25 kids to five track meets, three field trips (one to a major amusement park), two graduations, and post-grad party.  And I wonder why I've been feeling so overwhelmed?

2.  I have to go to the visitation tonight for my great uncle.  I don't mean to sound selfish, but it's always strange to go hang out with people who know you, but who you don't know well.  I'm not particularly close to this side of my family (and I really have very few memories of this great uncle because he's been sick for so long), but I am totally going as a show of support for my dad.  Even if I don't really remember, family is family.

3.  Uncle James had a really great night and the doctors are encouraged by his progress.  He's been breathing without the vent for one hour spans.  He did so well that the doctors even gave him an extra hour to breathe on his own last night!  Such a huge blessing!!

4.  This weekend, Amber and I are going to see a local production of Hairspray.  I find it hilarious that Amber dislikes most musicals, except this one.  But I am going to totally take advantage of it!

5.  I'm already working up packing lists for vacation.  Next week is going to be one of the longest weeks ever!

6.  I still need capri pants that fit.  I haven't lost enough weight to fit into my old ones yet, and I am certainly not planning on wearing jeans to the beach.  So, there is still much shopping to be done!

7.  My feet are nowhere near ready for summer.  I need a pedicure.  STAT!

8.  After it being 80 this week, today's going to barely break 50.  That's what I get for bragging about our good weather.

9.  Tonight is Weight Watchers weigh-in.  I think I've lost, but I suppose we will have to wait and see!

10.  I don't really have anything to say.  But it seemed wrong to end on 9.  Until tomorrow (Get Fit Friday)!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Springing Into The Hodgepodge

1. Sunday was the first day of spring. So they say. Ahem.  What is your favorite outdoor springtime activity?
     I love being able to go walking.  On Saturday, I went walking with my camera which was extra fun.  The weather's been great here, unseasonably warm, in fact.  I know that not everyone has been that lucky!  (Hi, neighbors to the north, northeast, and northwest!  I'd share if I could!)

2. Who would you want to come into your kitchen to cook dinner for you?
     Ideally, Paula Deen.  But I don't have a deep fryer, so maybe we should just go to her house.  In real life, my friend, Casey.  She's an excellent cook and pretty hilarious, too.  Can't beat that combo!

3. When did you last fly a kite?
     I can't remember, it's been so long.  Maybe at Michael's 20th birthday party?  (He's 30 now.)  We had a theme of "childhood birthdays" and I think we may have had kites.  (Girls?  Do you remember?  I know we had a styrofoam airplane.)  If not, I have no clue.

4. What topic puts you to sleep faster than anything?
     Economics.  I don't understand a lot about it and numbers are not my thing.  It should be said that I tend to be a little ADD, so even topics I like in large doses tend to do me in.

5. Which flowers do you associate with specific people, places, or events?
     What an interesting question!  I associate lots of flowers with Miss Mildred, because she lets me photograph her "garden rooms" in the spring.  I always think of Mom's irises in May, all purple and tall.  And I can't see a gerbera daisy without thinking of Sheena (they are her favorite) or Lauren's bridal boutique.  When I think of Lily of the Valleys, I think of Grandma Betty, because she hates that hymn and my dad used to get one for her in the spring as a joke.   And when I think of roses, I think of the big, fat ones that grow in front of my Uncle Bobby's house.  (Apparently, I have a lot of people/flower associations.  Who knew?)

6. What significant historical events took place during your elementary school days?
     Hmmmm...the Berlin Wall came down when I was in 4th grade, I think.  (I really should be able to spit more of these out since I'm a history teacher and all.)   

7. Do you swear? Do you pseudo-swear? (You know crap, shoot, friggin'?)
     I have to admit that I do tend to swear.  But I'm really trying to do it only when it's fully warranted.  (Try being the operative word!)  I do pseudo-swear quite a bit too.

8. I am officially ready for Spring Break!  I still have another week and a half to go, but it's just about all I can think about.  I think it's worse because I actually have very exciting plans! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


"Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise."
                                                                  --"Blackbird"  Paul McCartney and John Lennon

Since the first time I heard it, I have been in love with The Beatles' song "Blackbird."  The funny thing is that I am not terribly fond of original version, and it's not who I heard sing it the first time.  Years ago, on an episode of ER (Why yes, I have always been obsessed with TV shows!  What of it?), Susan's sister sang it as a lullaby to her new baby, Chloe.  (And the fact that I can remember that and not how to do high school math confounds me too.)

Since then I've heard several other versions of the song I like, such as Sara Gazarek's mash-up of "Blackbird" and "Bye, Bye, Blackbird."  But my favorite is the Glee version from last week's episode.  (I know, Glee.  Shocker!)  Kurt and the Warblers version was just perfect!  It has the emotion, buoyancy--everything! 

I don't really know why I love this song so much.  I've never really been a "this is my moment" kind of girl, though I am a drama queen like that.  I almost haven't had my moment yet, and I wouldn't know what it would be even if I did.  I think of Esther from the Bible and "such a time as this" and get the same sort of feeling.  I'm still waiting for the big moments in my life.  That doesn't mean that I'm not living my life, though I certainly could see where I could live bigger.  It just means that don't feel that I have hit many milestones in my first 30 years.  It leaves a lot of living to do, which I find equal parts scary and exciting.  I don't see life as a downhill slope but as a plain--wide open and ready to explore!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I Got My New Shoes On

I've needed new walking shoes for a while now.  Because of the messed up way I walk, I destroy tennis shoes at the rate of about a pair a year.  I have loved my Reebok toners that I got last year, but I finally got to the point where walking even a slow mile was killing my feet.  So, Sunday, Sheena and I set out to fix that, and it took less than five minutes to do it!

I love New Balance tennis shoes anyway, so these were a no brainer.  I am wearing them today and they seem to be doing exactly what I hoped--making me walk like I am supposed to.  They are comfortable, but firm enough that I can't walk on the outside of my feet.  And I can feel them working out the rest of my legs as well, which is a nice bonus!  I know eventually I will have to go see a podiatrist and get inserts for my shoes (because I don't think this is going away) but I hope that if I can lose some weight, it won't be as big a deal.  It seemed to lessen last time that I lost a significant amount of weight.

Also, while I was out, I just had to stop in at my favorite antique store to pick up a few things.  I don't have pictures of all of the goodies yet, but I will try to add them tonight!  It seemed like Laurie had stocked the shop just for me.  For everything I bought there were several more things I would have loved to have!  Not good on my budget, but a lot of fun!

What did you do this weekend?

Prayer Mondays

  • Uncle James had a good week.  He's continuing to make progress and we are hoping that there will be no setbacks this time. 
  • We have been having beautiful warm weather recently.  It's so nice to be able to go outside and enjoy it!
  • Bible study is just awesome!  I can't wait for each week as we meet together.  Thank you, God, for this group of women!!

  • Uncle James - They are treating him as a precaution with antibiotics because of some germs that they saw in his cultures that could cause another form of pneumonia.  Everything is fine, but they are being careful.  Praying for more good news this week and for continued strength for Aunt Beth.
  • Several of the mamas-to-be I've been praying for are nearing their due dates.  I pray for safe deliveries and healthy babies!  Calm these new mama's fears and give them babies who sleep through the night (hey, can't hurt, right?)
  • For families of those who are deployed.  As we face conflict with yet another country, I can't help but think of those who give their service to our country, and for the families who continue on as their loved ones serve.  (Especially Sawyer and Tara's Baby Daddy)
  • For the women of our Bible study--I believe that God is going to do amazing things with this study.  I've seen glimpses of it already.  Oh, Knower of our hearts, anoint us with your Holy Spirit!  Give us a heart like yours.

Oh, Father, I praise your Name for the blessings in our lives.  We don't deserve a single one, but You are the God who cares for His people.  I pray for my requests and for the requests of the other ladies this week.  I thank you for bringing together these women who are willing to pray for one another and our needs.  I'm so thankful to have them in my life.  Lord, guide and direct us through another week.  Amen.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


To the three of you who read my blog with any regularity:

I feel like you have been short changed recently.  I've honestly been in a little bit of a blog rut, coupled with having a couple of crazy busy weeks.  But I promise I am going to try a little harder in the next couple of weeks.  I will attempt to be the dazzling, hilarious (read: delusional) opinionated girl you know and love.  Right after I get a few hours sleep.



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Get Fit Fridays

How long have I been doing this again?
2 weeks

Weight Loss This Week/Total Weight Loss
0.7 lbs/6.5 pounds 
(I was not able to go to the meeting this week because of Parent/Teacher Conferences, so I weighed at school.  We have yet to determine the validity of that scale...)

New pants?
This weekend, I am planning on playing the "what fits" game so that I know what I have to wear on vacation and what will absolutely not fit yet.

How am I sleeping?
I didn't sleep well this week, but it had more to do with what was going on (Beta Convention, stupid cough) than anything else. 

Best Moment This Week:
Realizing that I can have a good day/night out, eating the things that I like, without completely blowing everything.   One day does not make or break me.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I did really well with walking outside.  The rest of the week was too busy for all of that.  I am looking forward to being off work this afternoon and going for a nice long walk.

Chocolate.  It's that time, and I can't get enough of anything that includes chocolate.  Hopefully, this will subside soon.

What I miss: 
I really haven't missed all that much.  If it's something I really wanted, I've used my points for it.

What I am looking forward to: 
Hitting the beach.  I wish that I had started Weight Watchers sooner so that I could be down more weight, but I will take what I can get.  It won't be long now!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guess I Really Needed A Nap

Last night, I went to bed at 6:00 PM.  It was still sunny outside.  In all fairness, I didn't actually mean to.  I laid down to watch some TV, and the next thing I knew it was 11:30.  So, I turned off the lights, ate a popsicle and went right back to sleep.  Truly, I was completely exhausted from two nights of almost no sleep.  And as I've said before, I'm not one of those people who can get away with not sleeping.  Good news is that today I feel fantastic!

That's actually a good thing because it's going to be a very busy day.  It's an early-out day for the kids, but the teachers have professional development and parent/teacher conferences.  I really have a lot of admiration for people who work 12-hour shifts, because I am not really cut out for them.  (Though only having to work 1/2 a day on Friday will be pretty nice!)  Downside is that I don't get to go to Weight Watchers tonight.

Since I slept most of yesterday, I really don't have much else to share.  Hope you have a wonderfully Irish St. Patrick's Day !!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Luck Of The Hodgepodge

1. What would you do if you found a pot of gold? Let's pretend this pot of gold is worth exactly $1500 (which would actually be more like a cup of gold at current values). Anyway, let's also pretend you have to spend it as opposed to making a donation someplace. Now tell me what you would do with that pot of gold?

     Sounds like enough to take care of the downpayment on a new car!  Or at least one new to me.  That would be awesome!

2. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in any way, shape, or form?

     This year, I will be celebrating with Parent/Teacher Conferences.  I will be wearing green, but I'm not sure that's what you have in mind.     

3. Have you been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug? What spring cleaning job most needs doing at your house? What spring cleaning job are you most dreading?

     Spring cleaning?  What exactly is that?  HA!   I need to do some plain old cleaning around here.  Things are bad again.  But I'm not entirely sure when that's going to happen.  Maybe this weekend?   (But I wouldn't be holding your breath or anything.)  As for what is my least favorite cleaning job, I'd have to say I dislike them all equally, but dusting and vacuuming kill my allergies.

4. lime-shamrock-sage-forest...your favorite shade of green?

     I like Crayola crayon green (which I think would be considered shamrock).

5. Thomas Jefferson once said, "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." you believe in luck or do you believe we make our own luck?

     I don't believe in luck.  I do believe that hard work pays off.  But more than anything, I believe in a loving Father who has a plan for our lives.  That's way better than luck!

6. Monday (3/14) was Pi Day. Get it? Pi =3.14. Those math types are so clever aren't they? Since I'm not one of them tell me what's your favorite piE (the edible kind).

     I'm kind of picky about pie, but my favorite is my grandma's homemade apple crumb pie.  It is SO good!

7. That same date (3/14) happens to be the birthdate of the late physicist Albert Einstein. I bet he knew the value of Pi. So...what do you think is more important and or valuable in life... intelligence or common sense?

     I know a lot of really smart people who have no common sense.  (Don't you?)  If you ask me, I would always rather have common sense. 

8. Five hours of sleep = braindead Beta sponsor.  But we had a great convention!  If you have never heard of the Beta Club, look them up here.   If you want to be inspired by our excellent keynote speaker, Donnie Thurman, Jr., go here.  (I forgive him for making us do the ugly cry during his wonderful talk.) 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prayer Monday

Psalm 7:17 --I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the LORD Most High.  

  • Uncle James had another good week overall.  Repositioning the chest tube in the right lung seems to be helping, and he's had less atrial fib episodes.  Anything good is worth praising as he continues to heal.
  • We have finally had some beautiful sunny days this week!  It feels so good to be out walking in the sunshine.  Thank you, Lord!

Psalm 5:3--In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.

Prayer Requests:
  • Uncle James - his continued recovery and for continued strength and patience for my auntie. I pray for the doctors and nurses who make the decisions about his care each day.
  • For Lucy - that her incision gets better quickly and she is able to move on to St. Jude's to begin treatment.  I ask for courage and strength for her parents and family as she walks this road.
  • For all my pregnant friends, those who are new mamas, and those who are waiting and praying to become pregnant -- A couple more mamas-to-be were added to the running lists this week, in fact.
  • For those who are deployed and those who carry on here in their absence.
  • For the women of our Bible study  and for Crystal as she facilitates for us-- Let us become women after God's own heart...  I can't wait for our next meeting.  This is going to be such a sweet time for us as we learn and share together!

Father God,  we wait expectantly for you.  I love that word.  We aren't just hoping for you to come and be with us and answer our prayer, we EXPECT you.  Thank you, Father, for guiding us through another week.  Help us to reach out beyond ourselves and our problems into a dying world who is in desperate need of a Savior.  I pray for each of the women who have committed to this Monday of prayer.  I am so humbled and thankful to know women who pray.  We are expecting you, Lord.  Come.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Fit Fridays

Let me start by saying that I tried to get a picture of myself.  It didn't go well.  My hair is cute, but very red.  It's going to take some getting used to, but I do like it.  (I promise, Jen!  Everyone say "Hi" to Jen, my stylist and blog reader!)  Here's the rest of the news....

How long have I been doing this again?
1 week

Weight Loss This Week/Total Weight Loss
5.8 pounds!!!/5.8 pounds!!!

New pants?
I am thisclose to fitting into the on-sale pants I bought last month!  I can't wait to be able to wear them and the rest of my old wardrobe.   
UPDATE:  I am currently wearing the on-sale pants!!  I tried them on this morning and they fit!

How am I sleeping?
One of my biggest concerns before I started focusing on what I was eating was that I was sleeping all the time before I started this.  I was so tired no matter how much I slept, but I had zero energy.  I was concerned for several reasons, none more so than I didn't want to end up in another cycle of depression. This week I've still been getting lots of sleep, but since I am eating better, I've noticed that I do feel better, which I think will make a difference as I continue!

Best Moment This Week:
Weigh-in!  I thought I'd only lost three pounds or so.  I had no clue it would be almost six!  Looks like I might actually lose 10 pounds before vacation.

Activity: The one downside to this week was that I didn't get exercise like I had hoped to do.  It's been too cold and rainy and I just haven't bothered to work out with a DVD.  I'm hoping to kick that into high gear this week.

I really thought I would miss things, but I don't.  I think it helps that I can pretty much have whatever I want as long as I stay within my points.  And that's been pretty easy so far, but I have a lot of points to burn because of my weight and age (I will lose points as I lose weight).

What I miss: I do miss sodas a little.  If I'm really dying for one I know I can have it, but so far I haven't had to.  (And before you start in, know that I HATE diet soda.  So gross!)

What I am looking forward to: 
Fitting into my clothes again!  I feel like it could really happen now, and it's been a while since I had that kind of hope when it came to my weight.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Winter Blahs

It's another dreary day in a string of dreary ones recently.  I am so ready to see some sunshine and warmer temperatures again.  February was such a tease of pretty days, and March has just been blah.  Lots of rain and cold and clouds.  I'm so over it!  I mean, even my hair is flat today!  This is just not good, people.  Not good at all.  It does, however, make me wish even harder that it was time for my vacation.  I need some warm sand, the sound of the surf, and lazy hours on the beach---stat! 

I am looking forward to some fun things before that, though. For instance, tonight I am getting my hair colored again, which is always an adventure.  Jen is a fabulous stylist and awesome with color so I pretty much let her make the call on what we will be doing.  I will try to remember to post a pic or two of the finished product.  Tonight is also WW weigh-in!  I really hope I've lost because I will be inconsolable if I haven't.  (Not totally true, I guess.  But you will find me face down in a pint of Ben and Jerry's by 6:00.) 

And speaking of, this weekend the girls and I are going to order our bridemaids dresses for Sheena's wedding!  Nothing like the thought of facing someone who wants to measure your bits and pieces to make you never want to eat again.   I'm hoping that by the time we have our fittings, that sweet little seamtress will be doing some major taking in of my dress!   Mostly, I'm excited about having some time with my girls because we don't really get to hang out much, and it's always a good time when we do! 

I promise a full update on the whole weight loss thing tomorrow.  (Oh, and maybe even the hair too!)  Until then, think some warm and sunny thoughts my way!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Parade of Hodgepodge

1. The season of Lent begins on March 9th this you participate and if so, in what way?

     I grew up Catholic, so I always participated in Lent in some way (typically giving something up).  I really do like some of the Catholic traditions, especially Holy Week.  I will never be able to think of Good Friday without hearing Ms. Lewis sing "Were You There?"  It was the most haunting and beautiful thing, and it still brings tears to my eyes today.  Since I joined the Nazarene church, I don't really do anything organized for Lent.  Maybe that's something I should think about doing this year...

2. Traditionally pancakes are eaten on the day known as Shrove Tuesday which is the last day before Lent (March 8th this year). So....butter and syrup? Blueberry? Chocolate chip? ewww, no thanks!! What's your pleasure when it comes to eating pancakes?

      I love pancakes (and can have them on Weight Watchers without using all of my points)!  I have become a butter and syrup girl, but when I was younger I loved peanut butter on my pancakes.  Or chocolate chips in them--there's no such thing as too rich, even at breakfast!

3. Spring is coming. (It is coming, right?) What's your favorite springtime flower and do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Two questions I know, but they're lightweights.

     My favorite spring flower is probably the iris.  Mom has beautiful purple ones at her house and Miss Mildred has every color you can imagine! 
     I have seasonal allergies for sure.  Things have barely started to bloom and I've had to go back on Claritin and eye drops!  But I'm ready for the spring weather so, I'll gladly take the trade-off.

4. "Our opinion of people depends less upon what we see in them than upon what they make us see in ourselves." Author unknown. Agree or Disagree? Why?

      I agree wholeheartedly!  There are people (typically students) who I find myself having more compassion for because I see myself in them.  There are also people who drive me crazy because we are so much alike.  I think it's not so bad as long as we like what they are reflecting back at us. 

5. Since it's "March" and also the season of Mardi Gras....have you ever been in a parade? What's the best parade you've seen?

     I've never been to Mardi Gras, but I have been to lots of parades.  I don't really know that I have a favorite, though I do usually take pictures of our local parade.  I think the one I would most like to see is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

6. You would jump up and down and shout for joy right now if someone told you___________?

    That I'd won enough money to never have to work again and I could just live on the beach!  That's kind of selfish, though.   I am easily excited, to be honest, so all kinds of things make me want to shout for joy!  I have several friends who are hoping and praying to get pregnant, and I think the news that they were would certainly make me do a happy dannce.  Also if my Uncle James was miraculously healed.  That would make me 10 kinds of happy.

7. How clean is your car on the outside? Inside? Is there junk in your trunk?
     HAHAHAHAHAHA!  My car is not clean.  And my trunk has all kinds of weird things in it (like muck boots).  The poor thing desperately needs to be cleaned out, but it's cold outside again, and it's just not worth all of that.  One of these days I will get to it.  Probably...

8. I thought when I graduated high school I would be done with state testing.  Little did I know it would become my job to be the evil test administrator 11 years later.  You just never know what the future holds, do you?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday (For Real Though!)

I've tried all morning to come up with something interesting to share with you.  Today, I just don't have anything.  I suppose there may be those that argue that I'm never interesting, so why I am so worried about today?  Fair enough.

It is, in fact, Fat Tuesday.  Not just over at The Lumberjack's Wife either.  This is the big one--Mardi Gras--the day when you're supposed to party it up so that you can survive 40 days of sacrifice for Lent.  I haven't given up anything for Lent in years.  I've toyed with trying to do something positive instead of giving up something, but I just haven't really decided what that's going to be.  I know, I'm running out of time here, but as a former Catholic who now goes to a denomination that doesn't really pay much attention to Lent, I'm just having a little trouble getting it together.  (Aren't I always?) 

I can't believe it's only Tuesday!  This week feels forever long already.  I am ready to check in to Weight Watchers this week and see how I've done.  I promise I will do an update either Thursday night or Friday.  I'm pretty sure I have lost some and I don't really feel deprived at all.  Score on both counts!  I haven't, however, gotten really motivated about exercise since it got cold again.  I know I was supposed to get moving in March, but when it's cold and rainy, I just want to go to sleep.  Hopefully the weather will get warmer and my body will get busier!! 

Apparently, it is also National Women's Day.  I have been influenced by so many awesome women in my life.  I have strong grandmothers and aunts, a strong working mom (who went back for her Master's with 3 kids) and an awesome sister who is going to be an amazing nurse!  There are countless other women in my life who help me know exactly who I want to be when I grow up!   I'm certainly blessed and I couldn't let the day go by without saying as much.

That's enough rambling for one day!  Come back tomorrow for the Wednesday HodgePodge!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Bucket List Revisited

Last August, I posted my bucket list.  Now seems as good as time as any to revisit this list and see how I am doing.  And even add a couple more...

  1. Own a red couch.  Actually at this point, I would settle for own a couch that isn't broken. --My couch is waiting to be moved in!  It's not red, but it was free and has a matching chair.  So score!
  2. Be a rock star.
  3. Learn to speak Spanish fluently.
  4. Be a ballroom dance diva.  (Somewhere my sister is laughing at this thought.)
  5. Tour Italy.
  6. Spend a month on the beach.
  7. Own a pair of really great heels.
  8. Fall madly in love.
  9. Have my own photo exhibition.
  10. Visit New York City at Christmastime
  11. Throw a party to celebrate the awesome people I love.
  12. Learn to hit a baseball.
  13. Say what I really feel.  -- I feel like I've been doing more and more of this on the blog recently
  14. Meet someone famous and take a picture with them. 
  15. Go on a mission trip.
  16. Go white water rafting.
  17. Be able to say "I'm with the band" and mean it.
  18. Be a fairy godmother.
  19. Create a flower garden.
  20. Go fishing.
  21. Plan someone else's dream wedding.
  22. Do something crazy.
  23. Drive a convertible.
  24. Rent a limo for the day and take my girls on an adventure.
  25. Have a house with a sunroom.
 26.  Weigh what it says I weigh on my driver's license.
 27.  Run a 5K
 28.  Find the ministry God has for me
 29.  Take a pottery or an art class
 30.  Get my master's degree in something
 31.  Trace my family roots back to Europe

I think I will periodically do bucket list updates (once every 6 or 8 months).  Do you have a bucket list?  If so, I challenge you to share it and link up in the comments.  It can be your first try at one or your updated list!  I just love to see what everyone's goals are!

Prayer Monday

It seems like the prayer request outweigh the praises this week, but God is so good!  I know it with every fiber of my being and I am so thankful for it, particularly when things seem darkest.

Prayer Requests:
  • Uncle James - his continued recovery and for continued strength and patience for my auntie.  I also pray for extraordinary medical care as he continues to be in the hospital.  They are having trouble regulating his heart due to his breathing issues.  The overall prognosis is still good, but the doctors have said he could be in the hospital for several more weeks. 
  • For Lucy - I don't know this family, but their story and struggles have really made an impact on me.  I pray for this sweet baby girl (whose 5th birthday is Monday) and for her family. 
  • My friend at work - Her father passed away last week.  I pray for comfort for family during this time.
  • For all my pregnant friends, those who are new mamas, and those who are waiting and praying to become pregnant -- I, personally, can't wait to start cuddling some sweet babies!
  • For those who are deployed and those who carry on here in their absence.
  • For the women of our Bible study  and for Crystal as she facilitates for us--After tonight, I am even more excited to see what God's going to do in the lives of the women who He's placed in this study.  It's going to be amazing!  Let us become women after God's own heart...
Father God, it seems there are so many things to pray about, so many things that we need.  We are a needy people, Lord, wholly dependent on You.  I ask that You will be with us this week, that you will pour out Your goodness and mercy upon us.  Move in the lives of the women who are calling on Your name.  Hear these requests as we come boldly to the Throne of Grace.  Work in our hearts and lives so that we may shine Your light upon the darkness of the world.  Amen.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Kelly's Show Us Your Life: My Family

Since I'm not married and their are no kids to speak of (if you don't count the ones I have from 8-3), I decided to share a little about my immediate family.  My mom and dad started dating in high school.  My mom was a year older (scandal!) and my dad was friends with my uncle, Bobby.  (Of course, as with most small towns they probably would have known each other anyway.) 

They were married in 1976 (check out those hats and rainbow pastel dresses), and lived in a trailer just down the road from my dad's parents' house (which is the house I live in today) for a while.  My mom started working as a teacher and my dad was still working at the family auto shop.   

They built a house on my mom's family's land (where they still live today), just in time for me to be born in October of 1981.  We all know how fabulous I am (ha!), so I will jump ahead.  My little brother was born three years later on New Year's Eve.  By this time, my dad had become a teacher, too.  Six years later, they added my baby sister to our family.   My parents loved and supported us in whatever ventures we decided to try, which means that they spent a lot of years at sporting events and community theater.  We were blessed with a good example of what marriage looks like, and I think it's something that we all strived for as we grew up.

Today, my family is ever-expanding.  My brother married Melissa in June, and I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law. 
And of course, there's everyone's favorite little sister, LuLu!

I can't wait for the day that I have nieces and nephews to spoil rotten!  (But, seriously, no rush on that, guys!)  That's my immediate family, but that's really only a glimpse of where I come from.

My dad's side of the family is small, but my mom's is big and getting bigger.  Members of my family have been here for well over 100 years, so it's hard to find someone that I'm not related to in these parts. 

Here are all of the cousins in July at my grandma's 80th birthday party.  These are just the grandkids as of July (we are about to add another by marriage this fall!).  There are now 10 great-grands, with another on the way (due the same weekend as the wedding this fall, as fate would have it).  I love being from a big family.  I wouldn't know what to do if there weren't 25 or 30 people milling around the Farmhouse for dinner!  

It's been a lot of fun to share about my family.  I can't wait to see what everyone else has to share!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why Now and Some Goals

I thought that I would take a quick minute and let you know how things are going with my little "Movin' in March" plan.  So far, I'm two for two as far as getting out there and exercising.  It's a little discouraging to see how far out of shape I really am.  Where I used to be able to walk three or four miles at once, even jogging some of it, I am now barely making it a mile and half.  But, I have complete faith I will get there. 

Tonight is Weight Watchers.  My co-worker who told me about the group starting up has promised she will be there tonight.  Unless you know me in real life, you probably don't realize that I kind of freak out when I'm going some place where I don't know anyone.  Despite all my bravado on here, I am really kind of shy and the whole ordeal makes me nervous for tonight.  (The idea of weighing in public alone makes me want to throw up.)  But, I think my co-worker said it best when she said that she doesn't really have a choice because she doesn't have clothes that fit.  I don't really have a choice either.  It's time to do something about my weight. 

I appreciate the encouragement that I've been receiving.  I have no doubt that I will need a lot more because this is going to be a long-term (like the rest of my life) thing.  In hopes of keeping my focus on the prize instead of the long road, here are a few of my reasons to stick with my plans:
  • Our annual girls' trip is next month.  To be down even 10 pounds would make me feel better, physically and emotionally. Plus I want to build up my walking endurance again so I can enjoy every minute of walking on the beach!
  • It's embarrassing to be the "fluffy" track coach.  I tell my kids about how important it is to stay in shape, and if I'm doing it myself, perhaps they will listen. At the least, it may curb my impulse to trip one of the snooty, skinny coaches.
  • The only thing that is meant to be fluffy about me is my hair. 
  • I have a closet full of cute summer dresses that I would like to be able to wear again.  I can't even begin to tell you how much of my closet is currently on the "does not fit" list.
  • Heavy Duty shouldn't be the description on my lawn chair.  I'm tired of being above the suggested weight limit on things.  My size shouldn't be a limitation on my life, and right now it is.
  • I want to be able to buy baby things for my friends without someone wondering when my due date is. (Thankfully no one has ever actually asked this, which keeps me out of jail for assault.)
  • I want to look fabulous for my 30th birthday party!  My goal is to be down at least 50 pounds by October 1.  I'm bound and determined my 30's are going to be the best years yet, and this is one way to make sure that's the truth!
  • Sheena's getting married and I want to be preserved in fabulous pictures by DM in a way that does not make me look like a (navy) blue whale. (Insert my "speaking whale" like Dori in Finding Nemo here.)
  • My body is the only one I get, and I want it to work properly as long as possible so that I can live my life to the fullest.
My dream is that someday, in the not too distant future, I will able to run a 5K.  I realize that this is a long way off, but I think it's good to have goals.  I'm excited (and yes, nervous) to begin this journey, but I'm also ready.  I've put off my life for far too long.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For Lucy

I'm an avid reader of Kelly's Korner and have been for some time.  Today, she posted about a little girl named Lucy, who is fighting medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer. She had 3 tumors on her brain, one one her spine, as well as a "sugar coating" of cancer running down her spine.  I went to her mom's blog and read about her fight and my heart was so heavy for this family.  To one day have everything fine, and then in the next to be fighting this kind of battle is chilling and heartbreaking.

You want some perspective in your life?  Read about the trials this sweet baby girl is going through.  I guarantee whatever you are facing won't seem quite as big.  I ask that you pray for this little one, Lucy, and for her family.  I've added her button as a reminder to myself pray everytime I come to my homepage.  (If you want a button too, you can snag it on Lucy's mom, Kate's, blog!)

Prayer is the most powerful tool we have.  Let's storm the gates of heaven for this little girl!

Update to Prayer Monday:  My friend from work's father passed away last night.  Please remember her family during this difficult time, as well.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. March 2nd is Dr. Seuss's birthday so I'm you like green eggs and ham? Okay-how about this do you like your eggs? Or don't you?

      I will only eat eggs scrambled.  I have a consistency issue when it comes to fried or over-easy.  I'm weird, I know.  But at least I will admit it.

2. Is March coming in like a lion or something less ferocious where you live?

     Today is a beautiful lamb of a day.  But we had bad storms a couple nights ago (still in February, but it was this week), so we'll have to wait and see about what March is going to bring.

3. Do you work better or worse under pressure?

      Better.  I'm a procrastinator at heart and I always do my best work close to the deadline.  In college, I once (or twice or pretty much every time) saved a huge project for my Children's Lit class until the night before the project was due to start it.  It took me all day and into the night, but I not only finished it, but got a perfect score on it.  If I had been punished for my procrastination, perhaps I would have been better about organizing and working ahead.  I fear it's too late for that now!

4. March Madness-are you a fan? It's college basketball in case you're wondering. And if you're outside the USA tell us-is there any sort of 'madness' taking place during March in your part of the world?

      I love college basketball, but pretty much only follow it in March during the tournament.  I love trying to guess at filling out a bracket and usually have a competition among my classes.  It's a good time! 

5. Under what circumstances do you do your best thinking?

      I usually get my best revelations in the shower.  I don't have any idea why.  Otherwise, I like to brainstorm ideas with a group.  I think you get better inspiration bouncing ideas off people. 

6. What item of clothing from your wardrobe do you wear most often?

     Most of the time I am perfectly happy in jeans.   Or my yoga pants.  High fashion has it's place, it's just not usually in my closet.

7. Do you use sarcasm?

    Nope.  I would never use sarcasm.  Not with my friends, and never, ever with all of the sweet yet surly teens in my life.  I would never do something like that.  In all seriousness, asking if I use sarcasm is like asking if I breathe, but I am trying to cut back.  (On the sarcasm.  Not the breathing.)

8. My random thought: 
How did it get to be March already?  Am I alone in thinking that the last two months just flew by?  There are a lot of great things that are going to happen in the coming months.  I just hope I can slow down enough to really enjoy them!

Buckling Down

It's Fat Tuesday, if you visit Taylor over at The Lumberjack's Wife, which makes this announcement feel especially appropriate.  I know I've said it before, but I've finally had it.  I'm overweight (to put it mildly) and I'm ready to do something about it.  When I say that, I don't mean a fad diet.  I also don't mean pills.  (Been there, done that.  They made me crazy.)  What I mean is that it's time to actually do the two things that work for me, eating like I have some sense, and exercising.  I've decided to join Weight Watchers, but I have to do it in person.  I am not disciplined enough to do it online.  I have to know that someone is going to be weighing me each week, whether I like it or not.  I also feel like it makes it more like The Biggest Loser, and while I don't watch the show, I do love competition. 

I'm also challenging myself to move.  In March's thirty-one days, I am going to exercise every day.  It can be a couple mile walk outside, a workout video, whatever.  But I have to do something every day.  I'm tired of not fitting into a closet full of cute clothes.  It sucks to have only a few things that you know fit, and I don't want to buy anymore clothes at this point.  This isn't about my own vanity or self-worth.  I have that covered. I don't hate myself and I never have, thankfully.  This is about feeling comfortable in my own body again, because right now, I don't.   And that kind of disconnect is so much worse. 

So, I'm saying it right here for the world to see.  Don't worry, this isn't going to become some health and fitness blog, but I will keep you updated on my progress (probably on Fridays, as WW is Thursdays).  Consider yourself my accountability partners, too.   Off we go...