Thursday, March 24, 2011

A List

1.  I realized today that there is not a single week for the remainder of the year when I don't have at least one major event.  These includes but is not limited to:  concessions for five baseball games,  taking at least 25 kids to five track meets, three field trips (one to a major amusement park), two graduations, and post-grad party.  And I wonder why I've been feeling so overwhelmed?

2.  I have to go to the visitation tonight for my great uncle.  I don't mean to sound selfish, but it's always strange to go hang out with people who know you, but who you don't know well.  I'm not particularly close to this side of my family (and I really have very few memories of this great uncle because he's been sick for so long), but I am totally going as a show of support for my dad.  Even if I don't really remember, family is family.

3.  Uncle James had a really great night and the doctors are encouraged by his progress.  He's been breathing without the vent for one hour spans.  He did so well that the doctors even gave him an extra hour to breathe on his own last night!  Such a huge blessing!!

4.  This weekend, Amber and I are going to see a local production of Hairspray.  I find it hilarious that Amber dislikes most musicals, except this one.  But I am going to totally take advantage of it!

5.  I'm already working up packing lists for vacation.  Next week is going to be one of the longest weeks ever!

6.  I still need capri pants that fit.  I haven't lost enough weight to fit into my old ones yet, and I am certainly not planning on wearing jeans to the beach.  So, there is still much shopping to be done!

7.  My feet are nowhere near ready for summer.  I need a pedicure.  STAT!

8.  After it being 80 this week, today's going to barely break 50.  That's what I get for bragging about our good weather.

9.  Tonight is Weight Watchers weigh-in.  I think I've lost, but I suppose we will have to wait and see!

10.  I don't really have anything to say.  But it seemed wrong to end on 9.  Until tomorrow (Get Fit Friday)!!


  1. I'm heading to the Gulf! I absolutely can't wait. We went last year and had the best time. Nothing like a road trip with one of your besties!


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