Friday, March 25, 2011

Get Fit Fridays

How long have I been doing this again?Three Weeks!

Weight Loss This Week/Total Weight Loss
1.4 lbs/7.9 pounds 

New pants?
I bought three pairs of pants today.  (and several shirts, too!)  My old pants don't fit yet, and I had to have some capris to wear.  It was actually kind of fun to shop.

How am I sleeping?
I'm sleeping much better.  Once I'm down, I am out for the night.  Unless, of course, I have to pee.  And since I'm drinking close to 128 ounces of water a day, that's a pretty safe bet.

Best Moment This Week:
Knowing that I am still losing and I haven't quit.  Normally, by the third week of a diet, I'm already bored.  I really believe that I will be successful if I just keep sticking with it and doing the work.

I walked a couple of times this week, but this was a rough one.  I had too much going on and spent a lot of my time feeling overwhelmed.  But it's a new week and I am ready to work!  (Plus track practices start on Tuesday!)

I need ice cream all the time.  But luckily WW has some good treats and I've figured out a couple other things I can have that don't wreck my points for the day.

What I miss: 
I don't miss much of anything because I'm willing to make sacrifices to have success. 

What I am looking forward to: 
Spring Break!  I need sand between my toes and waves lapping against my ankles, with every fiber of my being.  And now that I have new clothes, it's SO on!!

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