What I Have To Say About...

Here are a few special sections on my blog in which you may be interested.  Or maybe not.  But either way, here they are.

30 Day Blog Challenge - My blog friend, Rebecca, decided to do this and I joined her.  And it's was a lot of fun!  Consider it a primer in me.

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2012 - Couldn't resist giving it another try!  I'm always up for an opportunity to flex a little creativity!
A to Z Blogging Challenge 2011- This seemed like a pretty intriguing way to blog through the month of April, and meet some new and interesting people along the way! 

Amber's Guest Blogs - Amber doesn't have her own blog.  But she should.  Until then, you can read her thoughts on my blog.

Having A Moment - Sometimes, a girl just needs to speak her mind.  "Having a moment" just sounds nicer than a raging rant.
Photo Shoots - Once in a while, I pretend I am a photographer.  I'm no professional, but I like to share.

Prayer Mondays - My friend, Crystal, had this idea about praying for each other on Mondays.  Here are my contributions.  We would love for you to join us!

Show Us Your Life - Kelly's Korner does a weekly post sharing things about our lives.  Here are a few of my entries. 

2 On Tuesday - One question.  Two answers.  Lots of fun. 

Unpaid Entertainment Reviews - I love entertainment.  I also love to critique it.  I promise, no one pays me for it.  (In case you couldn't tell from the split infinitives and grammatical errors.)

Wednesday Hodgepodge - I have so much fun answering Joyce's weekly questions and reading everyone else's answers too.   I'm so glad that I joined in with such a fun community! 

Delilah, the world's worst roommate