Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Parade of Hodgepodge

1. The season of Lent begins on March 9th this you participate and if so, in what way?

     I grew up Catholic, so I always participated in Lent in some way (typically giving something up).  I really do like some of the Catholic traditions, especially Holy Week.  I will never be able to think of Good Friday without hearing Ms. Lewis sing "Were You There?"  It was the most haunting and beautiful thing, and it still brings tears to my eyes today.  Since I joined the Nazarene church, I don't really do anything organized for Lent.  Maybe that's something I should think about doing this year...

2. Traditionally pancakes are eaten on the day known as Shrove Tuesday which is the last day before Lent (March 8th this year). So....butter and syrup? Blueberry? Chocolate chip? ewww, no thanks!! What's your pleasure when it comes to eating pancakes?

      I love pancakes (and can have them on Weight Watchers without using all of my points)!  I have become a butter and syrup girl, but when I was younger I loved peanut butter on my pancakes.  Or chocolate chips in them--there's no such thing as too rich, even at breakfast!

3. Spring is coming. (It is coming, right?) What's your favorite springtime flower and do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Two questions I know, but they're lightweights.

     My favorite spring flower is probably the iris.  Mom has beautiful purple ones at her house and Miss Mildred has every color you can imagine! 
     I have seasonal allergies for sure.  Things have barely started to bloom and I've had to go back on Claritin and eye drops!  But I'm ready for the spring weather so, I'll gladly take the trade-off.

4. "Our opinion of people depends less upon what we see in them than upon what they make us see in ourselves." Author unknown. Agree or Disagree? Why?

      I agree wholeheartedly!  There are people (typically students) who I find myself having more compassion for because I see myself in them.  There are also people who drive me crazy because we are so much alike.  I think it's not so bad as long as we like what they are reflecting back at us. 

5. Since it's "March" and also the season of Mardi Gras....have you ever been in a parade? What's the best parade you've seen?

     I've never been to Mardi Gras, but I have been to lots of parades.  I don't really know that I have a favorite, though I do usually take pictures of our local parade.  I think the one I would most like to see is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

6. You would jump up and down and shout for joy right now if someone told you___________?

    That I'd won enough money to never have to work again and I could just live on the beach!  That's kind of selfish, though.   I am easily excited, to be honest, so all kinds of things make me want to shout for joy!  I have several friends who are hoping and praying to get pregnant, and I think the news that they were would certainly make me do a happy dannce.  Also if my Uncle James was miraculously healed.  That would make me 10 kinds of happy.

7. How clean is your car on the outside? Inside? Is there junk in your trunk?
     HAHAHAHAHAHA!  My car is not clean.  And my trunk has all kinds of weird things in it (like muck boots).  The poor thing desperately needs to be cleaned out, but it's cold outside again, and it's just not worth all of that.  One of these days I will get to it.  Probably...

8. I thought when I graduated high school I would be done with state testing.  Little did I know it would become my job to be the evil test administrator 11 years later.  You just never know what the future holds, do you?


  1. I love iris mom (with her amazing green thumb) had a big bed of iris in our yard every year. It was inredible when it was blooming and people used to come by our house just to see them.

  2. I really encourage you to seek out a Lent reader or study of some sort. My church just created one. It's the first time I will be participating in a specific Bible study in preparation for Easter. If you're interested in my church's reader, let me know. The church made it available online, and I'd be happy to share the link with you!

  3. I never thought of putting peanut butter on pancakes. Don't know if I would, but maybe Nutella.

    Living on the beach would be wonderful I think.
    Except for the hurricanes.

  4. I liked your random thought. After I retired I realized I had spent the better part of my live in high school. Most people can't wait to get out!

  5. Wish I'd thought of your answer to what would make me jump up and down. You were thinking of others' good news. I was myopic, for sure. I have 2 friends who would love to be pregnant, and 2 more w/ MS who would love to be healed. Thanks for giving me a reality check.

  6. Just finished the 8th grade state writing test today--RELIEF!!!! The rest of the day should have been cancelled!!!! My students wrote till 12:30--so they were very stressed out. I have iris planted of all colors-beautiful when blooming.


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