Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday's List

1.  In TWO days, my vacation starts!  A vacation that I have looked forward to since vacation last year, in all seriousness.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am! 

2.  Pertaining to that, I can't even begin to tell you how much I have to get done before now and then.  Oh, the laundry!   Oh, the cleaning!   Oh, the things I will do to avoid those other two!

3.  Meanwhile, I have been working on creating the best possible combination of awesome music for my iPod.  Well, at least music that we will think is awesome.  You would probably be ashamed.  I probably should be, too.  But where else are you likely to hear Steve Winwood's "Higher Love" followed by Salt-n-Pepa's "Shoop?" 

4.  When break is over, I will officially be in party planning overdrive.  There's plenty of school stuff to work on, but what I'm much more excited about is T's baby shower!  I love planning things like this and I can't wait to start putting it all together.  I'm even more excited about finding all manner of goodies for Little Miss Macy Jane!

5.  My hair has been rebeling lately.  I don't really know what to do with it and it's new found need to stick out everywhere.  I find it annoying.  Apparently, MoroccanOil is the cure-all for all hair problems, so maybe I will start there.  Or many it's just time to change my shampoo?  I don't know.  I welcome all suggestions in the comments.

6.  I'm super hyper today for absolutely no reason.  But here I am, running around like a gerbil on speed.  Just hoping I can keep it up until track practice this afternoon!  My co-coach is sick so I'm **singing** "ALL BY MYSELF...don't wanna be....ALL BY MYSELF (with 20 middle schoolers)"  Like I said, hyper.

7.  I wasn't going to go to my WW weigh-in tonight because I was positive that I have gained weight this week because I haven't made good choices and have been eating like there's no tomorrow, but when I weighed in the nurse's office this morning, I hadn't.   So, I guess I will run by the meeting tonight and see for sure.  (All bets are off next week, when I'll be all "Pass me the fried pickles and I do believe I will have an apple dumpling.")

8.  I'm trying really hard to reduce the number of exclamation points I use.  It makes people who actually use correct grammar, like Crys, cringe.  I just can't help it that I am easily excitable, even in my writing!

9.  I have to make a trip to town tomorrow.  I need a cable from Best Buy, one more beach towel, some suncreen, and to stay away from Annie Laurie's Antiques, so that I don't spend all of my money.  (But there is this cookie tin...)

10.  Middle schoolers are way weirder than most people would ever even begin to imagine.  Particularly when they are in their "wolf packs."  Oh, the stories I could tell you!

Look alive, people!  It's almost Friday...


  1. YAY for Baby Shower!! I can't wait! I promise I'll actually start working on that guest list for you, too.

  2. I don't know that exclamation points are grammatically incorrect. I just always felt like it was drawing conclusions for people instead of letting them come to the conclusion themselves. You are welcome to use them if they make you happy :)

  3. My Own Thursday List, for the comments section.

    1. I cannot tell you how excited I am about the Steve Winwood, but I must warn you… it may become our version of “500 Miles.”
    2. If you’re serious about the shampoo thing, I am highly recommending John Frieda’s Full Repair.
    3. I also advise putting some of your energy into laundry, and I am betting $25 you end up at Laurie’s.
    4. If I let myself get as excited as you, I may end up working the rest of my week from the home office.
    5. Please finalize the theme of T’s shower so that I can start looking for decorations!!!!!!!
    6. How was that for exclamation usage?
    7. Happy ‘Almost Road Trip Day’ Friend!

  4. Amber, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this list. Why don't you have a blog again? (And it's First Friday, so I'm totally going to stop by and see Laurie!)


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