Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For Lucy

I'm an avid reader of Kelly's Korner and have been for some time.  Today, she posted about a little girl named Lucy, who is fighting medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer. She had 3 tumors on her brain, one one her spine, as well as a "sugar coating" of cancer running down her spine.  I went to her mom's blog and read about her fight and my heart was so heavy for this family.  To one day have everything fine, and then in the next to be fighting this kind of battle is chilling and heartbreaking.

You want some perspective in your life?  Read about the trials this sweet baby girl is going through.  I guarantee whatever you are facing won't seem quite as big.  I ask that you pray for this little one, Lucy, and for her family.  I've added her button as a reminder to myself pray everytime I come to my homepage.  (If you want a button too, you can snag it on Lucy's mom, Kate's, blog!)

Prayer is the most powerful tool we have.  Let's storm the gates of heaven for this little girl!

Update to Prayer Monday:  My friend from work's father passed away last night.  Please remember her family during this difficult time, as well.


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