Monday, August 30, 2010

My Bucket List

When Sarah posted her bucket list, I was inspired to do the same.  Crys has posted her list over at her blog, too.  My first 25 were pretty easy because I had made a list back in 2008 that I hadn't really paid much attention to, so I just started from there.  Here goes nothing...
  1. Own a red couch.  Actually at this point, I would settle for own a couch that isn't broken.
  2. Be a rock star.
  3. Learn to speak Spanish fluently.
  4. Be a ballroom dance diva.  (Somewhere my sister is laughing at this thought.)
  5. Tour Italy.
  6. Spend a month on the beach.
  7. Own a pair of really great heels.
  8. Fall madly in love.
  9. Have my own photo exhibition.
  10. Visit New York City at Christmastime
  11. Throw a party to celebrate the awesome people I love.
  12. Learn to hit a baseball.
  13. Say what I really feel.  (I may have this one covered.)
  14. Meet someone famous.
  15. Go on a mission trip.
  16. Go white water rafting.
  17. Be able to say "I'm with the band" and mean it.
  18. Be a fairy godmother.
  19. Create a flower garden.
  20. Go fishing.
  21. Plan someone else's dream wedding.
  22. Do something crazy.
  23. Drive a convertible.
  24. Rent a limo for the day and take my girls on an adventure.
  25. Have a house with a sunroom.
I guess the question is "What's on your list?"  Post a link in the comments if you want to join the fun!

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