Tuesday, August 31, 2010

While Not Quite the American Revolution...

I wish I could teach them...
  • that school isn't as bad as they think.  Of course, it isn't as easy as we'd like to pretend either.
  • that breaking up with a boy (or girl) is a temporary hurt.
  • that the boy (or girl) who wants to change everything about them doesn't deserve them.
  • that they will make mistakes and survive.
  • that they don't have to learn everything the hard way.
  • that, for the most part, there's only as much drama in our lives as we allow in.
  • that time goes a lot faster than they think it will.
  • that their parents aren't trying to ruin their lives by disciplining them.  (Quite the opposite, in fact)
  • that there will be plenty of time to be an adult.
  • that dreams are important to have and even more important to pursue.
I'm hired to teach them the core curriculum, but I hope they learn so much more than that from me.  I try so hard to be a role model to my students, especially to the girls, because I am well aware that I could be the only one they see.  My prayer continues to be that they will see the love of God in me without me ever saying a word.  Every year, I am given someone's child to educate.  I pray they learn the right things.


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