Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It's amazing to me that my 100th post was in April 2010, and my 200th is on the first day of September 2010. (I really was a posting fool this summer!) September is finally here and I'm hoping that there will be some cooler weather soon. I am so sick of sweating!  Supposedly, this weekend (which is thankfully a long one) will have a little more fall mixed in.  Bring on the 50s and 60s, speedy quick like!

I feel like for my 200th post on my little ole blog, I should do something awesome!  Except here's the problem--this week I have yet to do anything really awesome.  Or even mildly awesome, really.  I go to work, I go home, I pretend like I'm going to do some housework, but watch TV and mess around on Facebook instead.  Every so often, I add in a little study guide making or grading to mix things up.  Today, I'm going to the grocery store, because the pickings are slim in my kitchen.  That will at least require a drive to the town over, and a stop at both the WalMart and Kroger.  However will I contain my excitement?!  I'm just going about living my life and sometimes, it's just not full of awesomeness.  Which is okay, I guess, but not all that much to post about.


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