Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Alphabet Survey (Because I Am All About Avoidance)


Available:  For weddings, wakes, and bar mitzvahs

Age: 28

Annoyance:  Pushy sales people.

Animals?  Delilah, who it turns out is not nearly as weird as my brother and sis-in-laws cat, Nala.


Best feeling in the world: Being with the people I love, especially my "nieces" or old friends

Best weather: Sunny, with low humidity.  Or snowy, with no ice.

Been in love:  I have thought that I was, but I don't think I even have a clue what real love is like

Been on stage: I did community theater from the time I was 7 until I was 19.  So, yes.

Boys:  are sometimes more trouble than they are worth.  But I guess we girls can be that way too.


Candy: Milk Duds.  Or those sugar-covered Orange Slices. (But only after they have sat out and gotten a little stale.  I'm weird, I know.)

Chinese / Mexican food:  Either sounds really good right about now.

Cake or pie:  I love cake.  I'm a little picky when it comes pies.

Continent to visit: Any of them would be fun.  Well, I take that back.  I don't want to go to Antarctica.


Dancing in the rain: Sure.  Why not?  As long as it's warm.  Cold rain = no fun

Drop things: All the time.  I'm a little bit of a clutz.

Dog: My first was named Hambone.  Yes, I named him.  I was 4.  I have no clue why I picked that.

Diamonds: are truly beautiful.


Eyes: Brown

Everyone’s got:  a song to sing


First thought when you wake up: "Was that the alarm?  Crap.  How many more minutes can I sleep and not be late for work?"

Food:  Homemade lasagna or Sherry Houseman's funeral potatoes  (I still need the recipe for this, Crys!)


Greatest fear:  Being in another bad wreck

Gum: I keep it everywhere!  Purse, desk, car....


Hair color: A chemically enhanced brown.

Happy:  is just an emotion

Holiday: Christmas.  (Lots of tradition)


Ice cream: is a food group

Instrument: my voice is the only one worth hearing me use/play


Jewelry: Is a lot of fun.  But I haven't been wearing much lately.

Job: I love teaching middle school.  I don't know that there are any other grades I would like as much.


Keep a journal? My blog would be the closest thing.  I have one on my computer in Word and prayer journals that I write in on and off.

Kissing: is fun with the right person.


Laughed so hard you cried:   Last night.  My sister was on a bit of roll.

Last time slept: Lately, I have been sleeping really hard.  I fall asleep and the next thing I know it's morning.


Movies: Last one I bought was Night At The Museum 2, for my kids at school

Motion sickness: Only if I try to read in the car or I can't see out the front window


Not ready for: Christmas!  I don't have all my gifts bought or presents wrapped!

Name: I have this thing about names.  I like to play around with spellings and which ones sound good together.  I actually helped name a friend's daughter (who is now almost 11!  I can't believe it's been that long!)


One wish: To be able to live on a beach for as long as I wanted


Perfect pizza: Lots of veggies amd cheese.  I used to love the double decker from Palace Pizzeria

Pets: Just Delilah, though once in a while I think about getting her a friend


Quote you’re loving: Whatever you are, be a good one.  - Abrahan Lincoln


Reality TV:  is kind of over.  I like So You Think You Can Dance a lot though.


Song of the moment: "Close Your Eyes and Wander" by Ernie Halter (any song by him is just fine) or anything from either of the Glee soundtracks

Salad Dressing: Italian, Honey Mustard, or Three-Cheese Ranch

Strawberries: Awesome!  Especially with homemade pie crust


Thunderstorms: love them, as long as they don't get too violent. 

Trust: is something you have to prove you are worthy of


Unpredictable: my hair


Vacation spot: BEACH!  Can't get enough of it and can't wait to go back in April!


Weakness: Sad eyes

Worst feeling: Sunday night, knowing you have school in the morning


X-rays: aren't fun, but you get over it


Yellow: is the color of my front room.


Zoo animal: Giraffe, of course


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