Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Apparently, I'm a little boring...

So, I promised to do a better job with the blogging, right?  Problem is that you have to do something to blog about.  Early break has been kind of boring.  Here's a quick review:

Sunday:  Christmas cantata at church.  Lunch at Sandy's.  Tim, Megan and I brought the wine, declaring ourselves the new Three Kings. 

Monday:  Had a panic attack over my lost purse.  Turns out it was in Tim's car, so I got to run by Woody Hall @ my alma mater to pick it up.  Then, Lib and I Christmas shopped and ate copious amounts of Mexican @ Tequila's. Came home and worked last basketball game of the year.

Tuesday:  Planned to clean my house.  Ended up nursing a very painful pulled muscle in my leg/foot and watching Season 1 of Bones.  Slept (a lot).

Today:  Watched more Bones.  Am eventually going to my parents for supper.

I promise things will pick up.  Next week is looking almost busy even, so I'll be in touch!


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