Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yeah, I'm a bit of blog failure...

A good blogger would be busy writing all of her important events down and taking lots of pictures.  But, I'm not that girl.  Instead, while putting off writing a talk that I am supposed to preview next weekend, I am finally updating my neglected blog. 

Thanksgiving was great.  Took zero pictures, but I had a great time visiting with the portion of the family that came to the farmhouse.  I avoided Black Friday shopping because I think of shopping as recreation and not an endurance sport.  On Saturday, I hung out with my dad's side of the family. Sunday was a busy day.  I attended two really great church services, watched a kick-butt hour about what my first crush ever (Chris Jackson) has been up to in NYC, filmed some segments for Rick, who is video taping our church services, and griped for a while about how I can't hear harmony.

Back to work for me on Monday, and started living the next three weeks before we go to break.  These weeks are jammed packed with all sorts of things school and holiday related.  I found out that a seminar I am taking next semester is going to earn me a free Netbook and a ton of continuing eduation hours so that was great news.  On Wednesday, I fixed dinner for the awesome family who I adore for taking me in as a stray in college and loving me ever since.  Debbie was pleasantly surprised when I called Tuesday night to ask if it would be okay for me to take care of dinner, but not nearly pleased as I was on Wednesday night when it all actually worked out.  (I have a somewhat questionable cooking history.)  The rest of the week flew by with me doing things like trying to fit $500 of concessions in my car.  (Wish I really wish I did have a picture of that one!) 

Friday was a rough day at work because of a situation that I really dislike, yet am totally unsure how to really help. It left me feeling really sad, so I hung around the house and went to bed early. Today, I have been pretty useless, other than getting one Christmas present purchased and buying this:

Of course, as Sheena will gladly testify, it took me a couple of passes to acutally decide to get it, but it was too cute to resist!  Barring a sudden burst of energy that has me working into the night, I would say with absolute certainty that hanging this up was the only productive thing I did this weekend.  Oh well! 
This week is jammed packed.  I promise to get a ton of pictures from the Pink Out benefit on Tuesday!


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