Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He Has A Purpose

There are so many things that I just don't understand.  Today has been a hard day for a lot of people.  And while I am thankful that I am one of the lucky ones, I am heartbroken for those that aren't.  I stood in the bathroom this morning, and all I could say was "Why, God?  This isn't right!  There has to be something else, more to the story."  Then I was reminded of our Bible study, which couldn't be more about this season of my life if Beth Moore was living in my house and writing about me.  I know that God is good and that He is here even when we don't feel Him or see His active hand.  He has not left us.  He has not forgotten His people.  He is the God who sees.  He is the God who knows.  And because of this, we have to just keep putting one faithful foot in front of the next until He reveals Himself.  Because He will.  I am claiming this for myself and believing it for those who may not have the strength to right now.


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