Friday, March 19, 2010

Missions International Night In Pictures

Wednesday night was International night, were we celebrated the mission areas of the world.  Sheena and I were in charge of Africa.  One of the women I work with was nice enough to loan me some of her goodies from her trip to Kenya last summer (Thanks, Michelle!).  I also had a couple things from Liberia, where cousins were missionaries for many years.  Sheena borrowed some items from the girls in Cairo from Mozambique, too.  It made for quite a display.

Each continent was to serve food representative of that country.  We were stumped but came up with a couple of things that were actually pretty tasty!

But were weren't the only show in town.  We had representatives from all the other service areas too... 

China and Japan...

Eurasia...look, guys, pierogies!

 The Caribbean...(some of us were more enthusiastic than others)

even the U.S.A!  (apple pie and homemade ice cream!)

Some of my favorite people were there, like this guy who was doing a little modeling for his sister's presentation on China.

and this truck!  I promised I would tell you that she doesn't normally dress like this (it was a costume for her South America display), but this is totally the biggest truck I have ever seen that wasn't ramping over cars in the center ring!  Tammy's a little shorter than me and I didn't even come up to the door handles!  It was so cool!

This night was a lot of fun, but also shed some light on the work of missionaries around the world!


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