Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Versatile Vocalists. How may I direct your call?"

Sheena's going to have a vocal studio soon.  I have deemed myself her gratis assistant (hey, you can't beat the price).

This is the before picture.  The nicest thing I can say is that she has plenty of space to work with.  (And that we have a lot of work to do!)

This is my favorite sign.  I couldn't convince her to keep it up in the studio as an ecclectic decoration, sadly.

Our first job was to take down this wall of shelves.

But mostly, we just made a mess.  Trying counts though.

This is Sheena putting up the mailbox.  You can tell I was a lot of help.  Example: "Yeah, that looks right. I think."

Success!  Now all we need is drywall, ceiling tiles, carpet, paint, a studio room, a couch....

Good thing she has such a great assistant, huh?  All that work will give me plenty of time to practice all my secretarial skills!

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  1. I hope every renovation day is as much of a blast as Sat. was! We actually DID accomplish quite a bit considering the circumstances we faced. My dad is gonna have a heart attack when he goes to pick up those shelves!!!


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