Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Tears!

I want to say that, first of all, I am better.  Not 100%, but better, totally walking away from the corner of Death and Sickness.  And second, I want to say that today I have been a big ball of emotions.  I have been crying almost all afternoon, about absolutely nothing and about real wonderful things.  For instance, I cried when they said the prayer over the NASCAR boys before the race today.  And I cried during discussion at Bible study.  And I cried during Beth's lesson.  And I cried again after the lesson.  I cried when God touched my heart about someone.  And it's just been downhill from there.  One big sobby mess.  Maybe it's the steroids or maybe it's just being a girl, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Lord, let my heart always be open to your sweetness.


  1. I am sorry you were sick. :( Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your love for the Lord :)
    Oh, and thank you for liking me on FB! Makes my day! :)

  2. Thanks, Taylor! My first comment from someone who isn't one of my 4 followers/close real-life friends! So excited! Your blog just cracks me up. How could you NOT like something that much fun?!


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