Monday, May 10, 2010

Matt & Melissa (aka Mel)

These cuties...

are getting married...

in a little over a month.

and I, for one,

can't wait!


  1. Hold the phone! I'm so confused! That girl does not look like you . . . from your little picture on your bloggie profile . . . is that you? The title is Matt and Me. Are you the girl? Are you the photographer? Help!

    I am sorry I am so behind. I am just kind of slow. :)
    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful couple nonetheless! :)

  2. It says Matt and Mel (short for Melissa), who will be my sis-in-law. I am the kid with the camera (thank goodness! I don't like having my picture taken!) Thanks for the compliment! I thought they came out pretty well!

  3. But, I totally agreed that it looked like an exclamation point, so I changed it just for you! You should feel super special, Mrs. Lumberjack!

  4. Oh, good! I do feel special! :)


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