Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pleasant Surprise

I hope that last night was an indication of what my summer is going to be like!  I had a wonderful, unplanned dinner with Sheena, Ronnie and Crys at a local place that is SO cute!  I have a feeling we will be there a little over the summer too, since it's right down the street from the studio!  And that I may actually lick the plate of that bread pudding with bourbon sauce next time...

Tonight, I have big plans with one of my favorite blushing brides, Lauren, and the rest of the wedding planning crew.  Her wedding is less than a month away now, and there's still plenty to do!  It's getting really exciting now that I have time to focus!  In fact, I have to get some wedding songs together this afternoon before I head to supper. 

Still trying to figure out what the rest of the weekend is going to look like.  It looks like I may be spending Monday helping out at the studio, but who knows what else I will come up with?  I promise to fill you in, maybe even add a few pictures, since it's been a while!  Just two more "official" days of school and I am done until August.  Then the real fun begins!


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