Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fat Tuesday with The Lumberjack's Wife: Week 3

This week was significantly less of a fail than previous weeks.  That doesn't mean I was as good as I should have been, but going back to work does make things easier.  Since I don't cook supper all that much (meaning no leftovers), it is tough to find lunch appropriate foods without having to eat Lean Cuisine pizzas everyday.  But I'm managing.  Now that I have a reason to lose weight (Sheena's wedding), I'm hoping I will get with it.  Of course, I was hoping the same thing for my brother's wedding.  Losing weight is an all-consuming process and when food is your favorite material comfort, it's even more difficult.  But I'm trying, and I think trying counts.  (However, in the interest of full disclosure, I totally bought saltwater taffy at the fair last night.  And I intend to enjoy every piece in the box.)

I've developed a very nice summer cold in the last 24 hours.  So that's been a little unfortunate.  I'd like to think feeling gross will curb my eating, but it tends to make me want carbs, with a side of carbs, followed by dessert carbs.  The good news is that I am wanting my bed more than dinner, so I may just go to bed when I get home.  Anway, I continue to be optimistic about the whole weight loss thing.  It would just be a little better if I could be optimistic and disciplined.  Anyone else feeling like that?


  1. I totally relate to the discipline thing. Er, the lack of it I mean : )

    I hopped over from Taylors...I love Tennessee basketball too. And especially Tennessee football (I don't know where you are but my hubs is from just outside of Knoxville)

    Good luck with your goals...I agree that trying is something.

  2. I am sorry you are sick. :(
    I have really poor discipline in all areas of life. So sad.

    good luck on going back to work-hard to believe that time has come so quickly!

  3. @ Joyce - Thanks for the encouragement! And thanks for stopping by! (Oh and there's no real logic to my loving TN basketball, but I always have!)

    @ Taylor - You are too sweet! I'm hoping some rest will fix most of my ills because the first week of school waits for no woman!


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