Monday, September 6, 2010

Hobby Lobby Rocks!

Today, after lunch, Sheena and I went to Hobby Lobby since fall stuff was on sale.  You can rest assured that her wedding flowers will not look like this:
This was a real flower (feather?) display.  And they wanted $100 for it!  We had plenty of other things to choose from.  In fact, our choices were almost overwhelming.

We found lots of good things.  I only managed to get pictures of a few of them though because I was carrying an arm full at one point. 

I can't wait to see what Aunt Sandy does with them!  There were some really gorgeous things and most of them were 1/2 price!  I even convinced Sheena to get some sparkly pumpkins!  (But not the jeweled ones.  Which was really too bad!)

On the way home though, we saw this...

Now, maybe I just don't understand, but these kids were strapped in, but facing out the back window.  Seatbelts or not, I don't think this can be safe.  What if this car got hit from behind?  And how do you decide which of your kids sits in the danger seats?  "Timmy, you've been extra bad today.  You have to sit in the danger seat on the way to the store!"  I was just curious what you all thought about this.  Is this common and I am just over reacting?  Or does this freak you out too?  Comments?


  1. I am laughing my butt off right now! Those poor kids! Ronnie told me that there were several vehicles with rear-facing seats, but can't be safe AND...WHERE ARE THEIR LEGS???!!?!?! Are they legless children?

    And that feather thing looks worse in the pic than it did in person! Who would put that in their house?

  2. the feather-tree belongs in whoville... but, anyway... I used to ride around in a station wagon when I was little... that had a rear facing seat... and we used to fight over it! not to mention... the blue van my dad drove us around in... didn't come with seats other than driver and front passenger... so dad built in some work bench storage, and slapped some cushions on the lids... we used to roll around all over the back bc it was way too hard to try to stay on the seats when he was driving like mad! memories!!!!!! now I call the police on people who don't properly restrain their children in the car! hahaha!


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