Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Wasn't Kidding About The Barbie Thing

When I was little, I was sick a lot.  Which meant that I had to spend time doing unpleasant things like going to the doctor and getting shots and tests.  So, to make this a little more tolerable, my mother used to bribe me with Barbies.  (And I turned out just fine, no psychological damage done.)  I loved Barbies, and I had a lot of them.  But if I was to remember one doll that I loved the most, it was Peaches and Creme Barbie.  Her dress was the prettiest dress my four year old eyes had ever seen, and I played with her until the dress literally fell apart.  So imagine my surprise when I saw this at WalMart last night!

They have re-released her!  And she's still my favorite.  However, they are also asking $45 for her, so I think I will choose to be satisfied with the knowledge that Peaches and Creme lives on not only in my heart, but on the shelf at WalMart.

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  1. She was my VERY FIRST Barbie. I got her after I got my tonsils taken out.


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