Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 28: What's In My Purse?

This is my purse. 
It's fairly new so I haven't had time to trash it.  Normally, my purse would hold any number of things.  I know this one is big enough that I can fit my lunch and a large bottle of water in it.  It's also deep enough that I routinely lose things in it and have to dig around and pull things out of it, clown-car style.
These are the current contents of my purse.  Nothing too suspect--a couple cosmetics bags, wallet, planner, gum, assorted receipts, my 4GB flash drive, a bracelet, pen and my purse camera.  It's actually a little boring.  I would totally lose a game of "Let's Make A Deal" or that fun purse party game.  That makes me want to put some crazy things in there.  Or at least try to compete with Sheena's list

So ladies, the question is what's in your purse?  Link up in the comments. 


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