Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 29: I'm Just A Broadway Baby!

Today's question was about concerts I've been to.  I still remember the very first concert that I ever went to.  I was four and my mom took me to see The Judds, who were opening for The Oak Ridge Boys.  Naomi was wearing a hot pink dress with green and red can-cans underneath, and I remember thinking that was the best thing ever and asking Mom if I could do that too!  The best concert I've ever been to is pretty easy to call because it was one of the more impulsive things I remember doing.  The summer that Amber and I went to Charleston, SC, we found out that James Taylor would be playing in Charlotte, NC.  So, we planned what turned out to be the best sidetrip ever!  Not only is James awesome in concert, but I remember that being the most fun I've ever had in a crowd.  It was an absolute blast!  However, the real love of my life will always be theater...
When I was still in grade school, my grandparents started taking me to the city to see real touring companies perform.  If I wasn't already in love with theater, I fell then.  I saw Mame, Cats, Phantom of the Opera--it was magical!  Then, at 17, I went to New York City and saw The Lion King and Les Miserables on Broadway.  I went back in 2000 and added Aida and Footlose to the list.  If you can see Julie Taymor's costuming or hear Heather Headley sing and not love the theater, you are dead inside.  There's simply nothing else like it!  I even got to fulfill my childhood dream of standing on a Broadway stage, thanks to a backstage tour from Chris. 

While I haven't made it back to NYC, I have caught a couple of good touring companies, including Throroughly Modern Millie and 42nd Street (which is one of my  favorites!).  And I still go to see community theater productions at least a couple times a year, too.   

What are your best concert or theater memories?


  1. I am a theatre gal too! I majored in it, but could NEVER sing in a show, only watch and be transported. My most fun experience was a little show in LA called "Forever Plaid". So original, they had the audience laughing and engaged the whole time.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. Right back at ya! Always good to have another theater gal around!


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