Friday, November 19, 2010

Deer Day

Let me start by saying that I'm really not much good when I am off my schedule.  So I pretty much wasted today.  We didn't have school because it was the opening day of shotgun deer season here.  No, I'm not kidding.  So, since I had the day, I decided to go see my darling "nieces," also known as my friend, Chell's girls.  Here are a few pics.

I posted a pic of my Moo when she was three earlier this week.  She's a big girl now, six almost seven.  I can't believe that she's so old!   Where does the time go?  She loves her Aunt Katie, and was not real into sharing me with her sisters today.  (Who wouldn't love that kind of love!?)  I really have to try to see them a little more often.  I miss them SO much!
The last time I saw Curly Q, she looked like this (in May):
Now, she's over a year old and looks more like this: 
Seriously.  Check out those eyes.  She's a really funny kid, which isn't really surprising considering who her parents and siblings are.  This one though, she just kills me!  Chell says she's Chris Farley reincarnated.  And she loves animals, and Maggie loves her too.  See?
I promise.  No animals were harmed in the making of this post.  I just can't get over her.
And here's the sister in the middle of these two, who I will call Sugar Pie.  She's a mess all her own.  But how can you not love this face?
I didn't get a picture of the oldest daughter, Princess.  She's a sixth grader now, which means that she is now too cool for Christmas outfits or bows.  She's now almost taller than her mama, which means it's time she stops growing too! 

After I got home from my morning with the girls (thanks again for lunch, Chell!), I took a two-hour nap with Lilah.  This is what I mean when I say I am not productive with unstructured time.  I have a million things to do, but I took a nap.  I did at least go get groceries after that, which led to the revelation that deer season is in fact the only time in this neck of the woods it's considered socially acceptable for two heterosexual, grown men to grocery shop together giggling like school girls about what they are going to take back to deer camp.  I saw more than one "couple" doing just that.  I think I have rambled on enough for tonight.  Stay tuned for more goodness from the 30-Day Challenge this weekend!


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