Saturday, November 20, 2010

Unpaid Movie Review: Ramona and Beezus

This is how much stuff I need to do today:
This is my only help (and you can see how thrilled she is)
But I had to take a minute and talk about the movie that I just finished watching.  Last night, I bought Ramona and Beezus, mostly because I am obsessed with Ginnfer Goodwin's hair and I am trying to convince myself that's how I should get mine cut on Monday.  (The other part is that I have a slight movie obsession in general and the taste of a 12-year old.) 

But the joke is totally on me because this was one of the happiest movies I've watched in really long time.  I truly loved every minute of it!  It makes you want to hug your sister and go do something really creative.  And when you watch it, I truly believe that you will understand what I mean.  Despite the fact that it was such a happy movie, I will readily admit that I sobbed through the last half.  It just got me.  And I think it will probably get you, too.  Whether you were a stifled creative spirit, an annoyed big sister, or the irrespressible little one, I think you will see yourself.  So, grab a kid if you need to, but go rent, Netflix or buy this movie immediately.  It's that good!  (And Ginnifer's hair is truly adorable!) 


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