Monday, December 13, 2010

It's a SNOW DAY!!!

Mind you, we didn't get that much snow.  But it's very cold here, like zero degree wind chills and we just don't get that around here.  And the town is still on a boil water order.  And one of our principals is snowed in upstate (Hi, Cousin!), so we'll take it.  (Unrelated fun fact:  It will be warmer today in the capital of Iceland than it will be in the capital of (the US state) Georgia! WOW!)   Of course, I didn't actually know any of this until after I had already gotten up for work this morning.  I'm not entirely sure what happened, but when I saw it on the news (and checked it on the internet, and called my mama), I had a little breakfast and went right back to bed.  It was so very warm and cozy! 

To make things even better, after I woke up from my little nap, my mama called and wanted to know how I felt about coming over for some homemade chicken and noodle!  Like that's even a decision!  I just wanted to put all my super happy snow day energy back out onto the internet!  Hope you are having a great day wherever you are!


  1. Seems snow days are sweeping across the word.Britain had theirs last week and now you guys. Although we are set for more - wahey!!!

  2. I LOVE days like yours. So lucky. Now I'm going to go watch White Christmas...


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