Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, You Sweet Talker, You...

You had me fooled, Snow.  I really thought this was the end for us.  But then, at the last moment, you looked me square in the face and said, in your still frosty breath, "Go back to bed!"

That's right!  We have a snow day today!  I've said it before, but it's totally better when you are the teacher than when you're a kid.   Mind you, before we got the call I had already gotten up and showered, but don't think that's going to prevent me from getting back into jammies and relaxing!  No sir-ee!

The best part is we only have enough snow to make it a hassle.  By later today, we can still go places and do things if we really want.  (Which, chances are, I won't, but I could!)  Those of you to my north, who spend all winter battling the white stuff (And currently, those of you to my south, as well!), I feel for you! 

But for now, with breakfast and my celebratory dance (of which thankfully, there is no video proof) behind me, I am going back to bed!  Hooray for snow!


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