Thursday, January 20, 2011

Woman vs. Wild

I want to start this by saying how much I like snow.  I really do.  As long as I don't have to drive in it.  I've had a couple bad wrecks, and even though weather wasn't really a factor in them, I no longer have the fearlessness for bad weather driving I once had. 

This morning, when I set out for work, there was a little snow on the ground, but there was quite a bit on the road.  I don't live far from work, but it was a slow drive getting there.  Once I made it to the parking lot, the snow picked up, so much so that after a little more than an hour, we sent everyone home.  It was even slower going on the way home (20-30 mph), because even with the plows there was too much snow to keep up with.  It was scary because there were several cars off the road already!  But I am now cuddled safely in my pjs again.

I write all that to basically say that it's a snow day, so you can expect a book review and some other goodies.  (Maybe even some pictures as I have been slacking on that lately too!)  Until then...


  1. Yay! A snow day! Aren't they just the best? Hope you enjoyed your free time. :)

  2. I certain did, Mindee! I accomplished next to nothing, and am totally okay with it!


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