Thursday, April 14, 2011

L Is For LuLu

 Have I told you about my baby sister?
 You know, the one who is equal parts adorable and trouble?
My baby sister, better known as LuLu, appears fairly regularly on the blog.  She's the baby sister who I desperately wanted, and then sort of regretted wanting when she was five and I was a teenager.  I mean, she was always in the way, she stole my stuff, she was needy (She was essentially my mini-me.)  Now that we are both grown-ups (she's 20), we generally get along just fine, except of course when we both dig our heels in.  We are just a little bit alike.  A few things I love about her:

She's a willing model.
She has a dazzling smile.
She has the ability to laugh at herself.
She's a real live beauty queen.
Her knowledge of music is astounding.  (I like to think I have a little something to do with that!)

She loves and is loved by animals.
She's learning to be a good cook!
She's angelic. (Okay, she tries really hard to at least pretend to be angelic?)
Did I mention she's gorgeous?
And smart?
She passes on her knowledge to future generations (Princess is her mini-me!).

She's working her butt off in nursing school, but knows it will pay off one of these days when she's a nurse!  ( In fact, she just got accepted into her second year of nursing school last week.)
All in all, I think she's awesome!  Two thumbs way up!


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