Friday, June 3, 2011

Because I Know It Was Keeping You Up At Night...

I'd just like to announce that I am in much better spirits today for several reasons.  So, allow me to provide a list:
  • My co-worker and friend's daughter, Moo to the blog world, came to visit my classroom yesterday.  She'll be a 2nd grader this fall and was reading up a storm.  After she told me what time it was, she announced, "I can tell time now, too, Aunt Katie."  And I proceeded to feel very old and very proud. 
  • After work, I made one of the best lasagna's I've ever put together and made a chocolate chip cheesecake with a chocolate top.  But I don't think this cooking thing is going to become a trend or anything!
  • I took said food to Tara's parents, so that we could visit and I could snuggle Macy Jane.  I cannot get enough of that sweet baby!  Last night, she and I got to have a good long talk about how much fun she's going to have with Aunt Katie when she comes back home because I am an excellent spoiler!
  • Today is the last day of school!!!  Have I mentioned how in need of summer break I am?  HA!  Even though I am going to spend a lot of time working on curriculum for next year, I'm looking forward tojust having some time for myself!
  • I have a schedule for today that includes (but is not limited to): getting off work at 10, going to a brunch for a retiring teacher, taking a nap, shopping, and having dinner with Amber.  I'd say, so far, so good!
  • Tomorrow I get to sleep in!  For as long as I want!  And then I am going to do laundry, which doesn't sound exciting, but considering how behind I am in that particular chore, having time to finally do more than one load at a time thrills my soul!  And I plan to watch a ton of movies while I do it.  I may get really crazy and start on reorganizing my storage room, but let's not get ahead of ourselves...


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