Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge - 6/8

1. Do you and your family enjoy camping? What do you enjoy most/like the least when it comes to family camping? When was the last time you camped?

    My people don't camp.  Period.  End of story.  If my parents suddenly wanted to go camping, I would insist they have a neuro exam.  My idea of camping is staying at a non-resort hotel.  If I ever did go camping, I would have to have a fully-stocked RV.  And would probably want to stay in it instead of doing whatever it is that campers do.  (Since I also don't enjoy swimming in lakes.)  I'm kind of high maintenance like that. 

But to all of you that do enjoy it--Camp On!

2. Did you attend a summer camp when you were a kid? Is that a happy or not so happy memory?

     I never attended a sleep-away kind of summer camp.  But I do have really fond memories of going to half-day summer camp (classes) at the local community college.   I learned a ton of fun things and met lots of other kids.  I think I went to them from the time I was in first or second grade until sixth. 

3. Over the course of your life, what have you probably spent more time pondering than anything else?

     Lately, it's been why people bother having kids if they have no real intention of disciplining/loving/taking care of them so they become productive members of society.  Kids need discipline.  If you want a friend, get a dog.

4. Which of the seven natural wonders of the world would you most like to see? There are many lists of 'wonders' but this is the standard natural wonder list-Mount Everest, The Great Barrier Reef, The Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, The Harbor of Rio de Janerio, Paricutan Volcano and The Northern Lights.

      All of them!  Sign me up!  And give me the money to get there!  I adore going to new places, taking pictures of them and bringing them back into my life and my classroom.  I'd really only want to see Mt. Everest from a distance, though.  Much like I am not a runner, I'm not a climber.  I know you all are shocked. 

5. What was your first real job?

     My first real job was working as an assistant in my Auntie's office.  She paid me to help out in the summers until I was old enough to be a student worker.  I did that job from the time I was fourteen or fifteen through my first year of college.

6. Lemonade or Sweet tea...which do you prefer on a hot summer day?

     Sweet tea, which if I say it sounds more like sweettay.  Despite not being from the deep south, I have a very noticable accent, and it seems to always come out when I say sweet tea!  It's my favorite thing about summer for sure!

7. What is something that always brings a smile to your face?

      I love the sound of a little kid with the giggles.  They are just too funny and I can't help but laugh too.

8. My house is almost sorta kinda clean.  It makes me really happy to say that.  It was hideously neglected over the school year, partly because I don't have time and partly because I just hate housework and always find something better to do.  The chances of it staying that way are slim to none, but it will be good while it lasts.


  1. I have a noticeable Southern accent despite the fact that I spent most of my growing up years in NJ...five minutes in Tennesse and it stuck like glue : )

    I have friends who did a Mt. Everest adventure last year (not to the top!)...she said it was amazing and hard and scary but mostly amazing.

  2. Sweet tay! Ha! I wish I could hear you say it.
    I say it the proper way, which is, of course, Sweet T.

    Yay for summer break and clean houses!
    Holla, Katie!

  3. Once upon a time if you had told me I had an accent I would have told you you were nuts but then I heard myself on a recording and all I can say is on Honey!

    ...and when I say sweet tea it sounds more like sweetie :-)

  4. I agree with your number #3 and I also love sweet tea..


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