Saturday, July 9, 2011

Am I Too Old For This?

Okay, fashion friendzies, I need to hear from you.  Last weekend, I wore this out, like in public.  I've always been a girly girl, so the giant flower really shouldn't be a surprise.  But here's the issue:  I actually had to ask myself if I was too old to wear it?  I'm almost 30, and I am all about being age-appropriate...

Here's the close-up
 and the front view (Please ignore how pale I am.  It's hard to take a self portrait using a camera and a rear-view mirror.)
 What it amounts to is, I want to be cute, but I don't want to look like this.
 Instead I want to be cute, and fashion forward.  More like this:
Okay, maybe not exactly like this.  Scarves are Amber's thing.  But you get what I am saying?  I really need to hear from you all on this one!


  1. I think it's fine! I'm hitting 31, and if I could actually pull off a flower in my hair, I do it! Wear your flower in all it's girlie girlness! :)

  2. Ha! This cracks me up. Where am I always looking???

  3. Your as old as you feel ! if you like it wear it !

    ps fancy a blog hop on Wednesday ? Linky list Fun

  4. Now, I am not the person to ask as I still have earrings from the 80's hanging around, BUT, I like it! If I saw you out and about I'd think, "that is a pretty girl, I wish I could be as fashionable as her."

  5. Missy, you are too sweet! I appreciate the compliment, but it's obvious you haven't seen me milling around this house the past couple days in my pjs! :)


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