Sunday, July 24, 2011

Prayer Monday - 7/25

I'm in a bit of a dry season lately.  (And not just because it's hot outside.)  I'm just not focused on much of anything, and as the school season draws nearer every day, that just isn't acceptable.  I want to make sure that I am doing the things God wants of me.  And some days, I just feel like I'm spinning in circles. 

It seems like other people in my life are still waiting for things.  For job offers, potential housing, and all manner of things.  And when you are in the waiting place, it can be the loneliest, most frustrating place in the world.  Trust me on that.  So, I ask for prayers for them.

Tara goes back to work for the first time since she had Macy today.  I know that I will be lifting up a few for her as she not only goes back to work, but goes back to a completely different schedule than she's used to. 

And, of course, when I think about prayers, I think about Lucy and her family, as she's continuing to kick cancer's butt!

Finally, I promised Taylor (AKA The Lumberjack's Wife) I'd mention this request, but I am going to quote it directly from her blog:

"PS-Would you mind praying for my cousin’s baby?  Her name is Abigail and she was born about 4 weeks ago  at 26 weeks.  She is pretty sick and could use your prayers.  Thank you!"


  1. I have covered your requests in prayer, but I am praying especially for you as you prepare to go back to school - that God will prepare you and the kids so that this will be a year of great opportunities to minister God's love and grace to those who need it most.

  2. I have prayed over all your requests. I am praying that God will give you the focus you need right now.


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