Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Swamp Tigers, Wine Trails, and Pie

Before I give a weekend recap, let me start by illustrating that I do, in fact, have the weirdest cat ever.  Sure this looks like blankets on my couch, but what you can't see is that my sister and I watched for 10 minutes on Friday as my furry roommate burrowed herself inside.  (She only had a little bit of space because it was tucked in.)
What's that?  You need proof?  Okay, where here's what greeted me when I lifted up the blanket.  I've never seen a cat so fond of very tight spaces.
Meanwhile, here's what happened the rest of Friday and Saturday.  This is my only other picture from Friday, also known as my dad's birthday.  Why would I take one of my dad when I could get one of the knife he used to slaughter the coconut meringue pie we bought for him?  We had dinner and presents too.  But apparently this was what I considered to be the most important thing. (And I don't even like pie!)
Saturday, we went out for my friend's birthday!  This is the birthday girl, Megan, and her boyfriend, Tim, at my favorite winery, Blue Sky.
Here's Sheena and her Precious with the birthday girl.
And Jessie and her hubby stopped by too!  (It was practically a blogger party!)
Of course, Casey brought the snacks, including these beauties.  The kabobs were cheese ravoli, tomatoes and mozzerella, smothered in pesto.  And they were every bit as delicious as they look.
This is just a cool looking bottle.  It's Tim's favorite.
The ceiling has these fan made out of (or at least made to look like) windmills.  The whole place is just a gorgeous setting for an afternoon!
One of the guys in our group made friends with the girls in the bridal shower at the next table over.  So we got a picture of him with the birthday girl as well as the bride in all of the fun stuff her party shared!
After we finished with the party, Casey and I went back to hear the Swamp Tigers play at another winery.  It was so hot that we only made it through one set!  (The good news is they played three of my four favorite songs in that set!)  I felt really sorry for the guys.  It was just oppressive out there and they still had a lot more show to go! 
And those were just the first two days!  Sunday it was time for a family feast, which you will see a litle more about later this week!


  1. Congrats on the upcoming niece of nephew!!
    Her precious?!?! Isn't that from Lord of the Rings or something? :)

  2. Thanks! And yes, but that's what she calls him on her blog, so there you go!

  3. Oh, Taylor. We're huge nerds!


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