Monday, August 1, 2011

Prayer Monday - 8/1

So, my brain is completely tapped because I have been at work all day brainstorming with other teachers.  And that shouldn't be as exhausting as it was, but it was also really good.  Side note, pray for me next week when I start back to work for real because my body was not happy getting up as early as I did today.  (and it was late for a school day!)

I have been dealing with making a decision for some time now.  It seems like I am not going to be able to put it off much longer.   I don't like change when it comes to most things.  I'm decent at adapting, but I prefer familiar surroundings because I am really quite shy when I don't know people.  I am filled with a thousand different emotions, and I'm still not entirely sure what's going to happen next.  But I think a change is gonna come. 

There are a lot of other people in my life playing the waiting game.  I would love it if you would continue to pray for them as they wait, because waiting is rarely fun. 

If you are interested, please know that this isn't a closed group and we would love to pray for you too!  You can add a request in the comments or post a link on Crystal's blog.  No matter where you are, we are all connected by the cross of Christ Jesus.


  1. I stopped and prayed for you. I don't think anyone relishes difficult decisions; it sucks that we all end up making them at one point in time or another.

  2. I am most certainly praying. Change isn't always bad, but the process typically sucks because of the decisions that have to be made.

  3. Katie - I have stopped by and prayed over you. I am praying God gives you peace as you make your decision. Also, that you will adjust quickly to work when it starts up.

  4. katie- i prayed for you today and for you starting school. I can't believe you are starting school already again. And may your decisions come easy.


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