Friday, September 23, 2011

Kelly's Show Us Your Life: Where I Shop

Shopping as a plus-size woman is tricky.  Finding clothes that comfortably fit is like finding the Holy Grail.  Maybe easier.  But there are a few places that work for me.

I'm a fan of Lane Bryant.  They have great underwear and bras, and the clothes are fabulous.  It's a little more expensive, but they offer lots of incentives, sometimes even more if you have the store credit card.  Sometimes, I have trouble with their shirts that are more fitted because my fluffiness is not exactly reflected in my cup size, but otherwise I can usually find classic pieces that I can wear more than one season.  (Which pays off in the end.) 

Recently, I also discovered Tommy Hilfiger's plus size line.  Again, expensive, but if you can wait until they go on sale, totally worth it.  I like the Hope Boot Cut Jeans, and I have a dress that I always get compliments on (and managed to snag for half price at the end of the season at Macy's!).  Otherwise, I am not really a label girl.  It's definitely more about fit.  (Though I do have a thing for Coach purses...)

My other go-to places are Old Navy, Kohl's, Target, and Maurices.  These are mainly places that I get staples, like tanks and tees because their quality isn't always excellent, but I sometimes will score a deal on something else.  Last winter, I got a beautiful coat at Old Navy at 50% off and I am already looking forward to wearing this winter.  I wish that I had a few cute boutiques or something special to share with you here, but my area is a little more rural, so that's difficult.  Also, ordering clothes online is an issue because I have to try everything on, and sending or taking stuff back can be a huge hassle.Getting fancier things usually requires a shopping trip to the "big city," which probably only happens once a year or so.  Maybe some of you out there in the blog world will give me a little inspiration for my next trip!


  1. As a fellow "plus sized" woman I feel your pain... Of all the reasons that inspire me to lose weight, all the clothes I'd get to wear is probably number one... My daughter still don't get it why if I find something that really fits well I buy it in every color or if it's pants I buy out my size... I don't mind having 4 pairs of the same pants if they fit!!

  2. I am a very avid plus size shopper. I shop at TJ Maxx, Ross, Old Navy, love Lane Bryant, have even managed to find lots of cute things at Fashion Bug (they are owned by Lane Bryant and have similiar quality) Also, love JC Penney. I have also had some really great success with Jessica London and Roaman's. They are both a catalog company and there sizing is very much true to size. Talbot's also has a Women's line. I could go on and on! E-mail me if you'd like more suggestions. I have endless suggestions for shopping for cute, classic clothes for plus sizes!


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