Thursday, September 8, 2011

Me vs. The Morning

DISCLAIMER:  I'm in the mood to whine a little.  If this bothers you, check back tomorrow.  I'm sure I will have moved on to something else.

This week is the week that teacher's dread, at least the ones in my morning duty week.  Why is it that getting up just 30 minutes earlier than normal is so taxing to my brain?  But it is.  It's like suddenly, I don't know how to dress myself, my hair won't work (dying it this weekend was not one of my finer ideas, even though I don't hate the color and growing it out is killing me), and I can't get anything together in a timely matter.  I have been able to get out the door on time, but I'm not at all sure how that happens.

Once I get to work, everything is generally fine.  Most of my days go by in a huge blur.  The final bell rings and I am all "What just happened here?"  I'm not teaching Health anymore, so my schedule is different, but still a constant rotation of sweet (but needy) middle schoolers.  When I get home at the end of the day, I don't want to talk to anyone or do anything at all for at least half an hour.  No noise, no nothing.  I've said it before and I will say it again, I don't know how you moms do it, and you moms that homeschool (looking at you, Taylor)--forget it!

At least there's only two days left, right?  (Then I can find something else to whine about.)


  1. Even waking up 10 mins earlier kills me in the mornings! Hope it gets better! Its thursday so only one more day until the weekend :)

  2. Totally needed to read something amusing this morning...and I'm not really laughing at you, its more like I'm laughing because I can relate.

  3. I hear you. If I could build a sensory deprivation chamber in my house to de-stress after a day of noisy neediness I would!

  4. I stayed up all night one night this weekend talking to my daughter who just finished her first week of college and was home for the long weekend and was fine on the two hour nap I caught, but yesterday I had to get up at 6:00 instead of 6:30 and it blew my whole day... I even went to bed a whole hour earlier.

  5. Hope you have a nice weekend. When I taught school I needed that down time at the end of the day too. These days I wonder how I managed to get out of the house for work. I think I must have done better when I had a schedule and deadlines

  6. Sometimes a good venting session is just what you need to feel better. :) And getting up 30 minutes earlier IS a big deal. Well, to me it is at least. I am just so used to routine and when something breaks my routine it...isn't pretty. Have a great weekend!



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