Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2 On Tuesday: My Biggest Fashion Mistakes

2 on Tuesday

Bless me, Anna Wintour, for I have committed many a fashion sin.  (And probably still do, depending on the day!)  I would love to share lots of pictures with you all, but I've managed to make several of the worst disappear.  I grew up in the 80's and 90's, so most of my growing up was one big fashion mistake after the next.  Big hair, bold patterns, it was a mess. 

Consider these Exhibits A-C, but only a small portion of my overall offenses:

But when it comes to my biggest mistakes, the first one that comes to mind was the perm I got freshman year.  I like to refer to it as my water buffalo hair.  It was bad!  I should mention that I have a lot of hair, it's fine but very, very thick.  Like it took two bottles of perm solution thick.  Add on the fact that I didn't have any idea how to style it properly and I was a train wreck of fashion.  Good news though.  It was perserved forever in the yearbook for that year.  (And no, I'm still not going to share the picture!)

Otherwise, I can think of one major infraction, but several minor ones.  I remember wearing different colored scrunch socks a lot, usually in an alternating pattern.  I was also a big fan of overalls.  And loud prints.  (Which I am still a fan of.  In fact, friends often see things and say "No one could get away with that but Katie.")  I wore a lot of plaid, in an unironic, non-hipster way. 

I love clothes, and if I had a bigger salary, I would be out of control with the fashion.  I can't wait to hear what everyone else has to say!  I know there are a lot of you all about my age who will no doubt have some similar stories.  (And I hear that perms are making a comeback...)


  1. Happy 2 on Tuesday!

    I think until a certain age, you can blame a lot of fashion mistakes on your mom. I'm sure she was responsible for the poodle bangs. :)

    I wasn't born until 86, so I missed out on the 80s mistakes. I did wear a lot of stirrup pants in elementary school, though.

  2. I'm an 80s girl too. I LOVED overalls. We called them 'bibs' for some reason though.
    I also loved large plaid shirts to wear over a tank or plain t-shirt. And don't get me started on sweat outfits, those swooshy, hideous things were my favorite!

  3. Oh, I totally blamed my mom for my fashion errors until college. :-)

    My perm was a trainwreck too.

  4. ah, I totally rocked my slouchie socks. and perm? girl, I had the most horrendous perm of all.


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