Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2 On Tuesday: Christmas Traditions

2 on Tuesday

This week Andrea wants to know about our Christmas traditions.  I've been up since 3:30 AM for no apparent reason, so I figured now's as good a time as any, right?

My family is big on tradition, and my little sister is responsible for making sure that we don't miss a single one.  (She will remind us if we do, trust me.  But that in itself has become a Christmas tradition.)  On Christmas Eve, we go to my mom's side of the family and have Christmas.  It's always a little insane because that's the big side of my family so, depending on which kids, grandkids and great-grandkids are home it can be as many as 35 or so people.  We always bring lots of appetizers and desserts and the kids open presents and everybody visits and drinks the newest homemade wine.

When we leave, we go to my parents, where we open the presents from Mom and Dad.  This is usually two things, one of which will be pajamas.  This is also when my parents open their gifts from us.  Then, we go into the family room and stay up to mock the local choirs on TV (which may not sound festive, but totally is) and then wait for Mom to put out the stuff from Santa.  Yes, we are all in our 20s or now 30s (yikes!), but Mom loves surprising us with goodies.

Christmas Day, my dad's side comes over to my parents' and we do the whole thing over again.  And then, I usually go and visit Crys and now Sheena's family because Crystal's parents' house is where everyone who has come in for the holidays seems to congregate after their family stuff is over.

What are your family's traditions?  Leave a comment or join us over at Andrea's blog!

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  1. great traditions.. We do the p.j. thing too..


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