Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2 On Tuesday: My Christmas Wish List

2 on Tuesday

I'm trying to be less materialistic.  I really am.  But every girl should have a Christmas list!  And so, here's mine...


I have an embarassingly long list of movies and TVon DVD.  Don't believe me?  Here goes:

Bones Season 5
Grey’s Anatomy Season 7
Designing Women Season 4
One Tree Hill Season 7
Glee Season 2
Parenthood Season 2
Lipstick Jungle Season 2

How To Make An American Quilt
Troop Beverly Hills
Friends With Benefits

And that's probably not everything.  I haven't updated it in a while.  But I am the kind of girl who loves to put on a good movie again and again, and I do really like to see my collection all pretty on the wall of my office.

Lasagna Pan

I make one thing really well, and that's lasagna.  So I really want this pan to make it in.  (Thank you, Rachael Ray!)

iTunes Gift Cards

Nothing makes me happier than more music.  I can always find something else I want at the iTunes Store!  I mean, there's always a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff on my wish list.

If none of these appeal to you, I could always use a new car, a home renovation, or some jewelry.  I really like this.  (Talk to me, Harry Winston...)

But what I really want for Christmas is to get to hang out with all the people that I love, for everyone to get along, and to have a healthy niece born in January.  That's better than a diamond ring any day.  (Well, mostly.)


  1. Ohhhhhh great list! Love all those too!

  2. What a fun movie list! Love Troop Beverly Hills!! Old school throwback!
    I forgot about the Rachael Ray pan! I love that!!
    And I totally asked for iTunes cards too! So much easier than using your own CC.
    And hello HW! Gorgeous ring!!
    We should all be thankful for what and who we have in our lives. But it's always fun to wish a little!

  3. I completely forgot DVDs on my list! That lasagna pan is pretty awesome too.

    I hope your niece makes a happy, healthy entrance into the world in 2012. :-)

  4. Lipstick Jungle was such a great show and I was really bummed when it was cancelled. I also used to love Troop Beverly Hills.

    I agree that the most important thing about Christmas is getting to spend it with people you love. Your niece will be a blessing for everyone!

  5. umm...that Rachael Ray pan ROCKS! That ring IS quite a ROCK! Mama Mia!

  6. great list... Love that pan.. i sure am getting great ideas to add to my list..

  7. I found your blog from Kelly's Korner and wanted to drop by and say hello:) I'm going to post my Christmas Wish List tomorrow just in case my family and friends need any direction in shopping for me this year. I think it is a subtle yet obvious way to let them know EXACTLY what I want for Christmas (plus the links where they can find each gift).

  8. Happy 2 on Tuesday!

    I'm always hoping to find shiny things under the tree from my husband, but am disappointed every year. The man hasn't bought me jewelry since proposing in early 2007. :P

  9. Stopping by from Andrea's linkup!!

    Girl, that diamond. Uhhhhhh, amazing. I hope you get it. I don't care how unrealistic. It's just too pretty not to wish it for you. :)

  10. they have lasagna pans? i've never heard of this. how are they different from regular pans?

    i want glee season 2 as well.

    and I loved Newsies! love Christian Bale back then.

  11. @AndreaLeigh The lasagna pans are deeper and have handles, which pretty much makes my life complete!


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