Monday, November 14, 2011

The One Where I Dream I'm Stephanie Plum

This has been sort of a heavy place to be this weekend!  Sorry, people.  Let's get back to my regularly scheduled programming of fluff and fun.  For starters, Melanie (Big Mama) is giving away an HP TouchSmart 320.  And it's awesome and I really, really want one!  If you want one, go there and enter too!  I'm all about sharing the wealth today!

Moving on...My mom and dad are both big fans of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books.  There's a movie coming out in January (and Mom really wants to see it).

I decided that before I go see the movie, I should see what all the fuss was about.  I read the first two books in record time and I am now on my third book, about to move into a fourth.  They are so much fun!  It's part comedy, part mystery, with a little bit of Moonlighting style romance.  I have no doubt this is what I will be reading as many of them as I can this winter (my parents have them all)!

However, it is starting to invade my subconscious a bit.  I don't know if it's because she's a little goofy and always seems to get herself into crazy situations or what, but I've started having dreams where I am the bounty hunter.  I woke up laughing at the thought!  I mean, last night's involved me solving a case in Chuck E. Cheese!  Perhaps this is my next career?  Anyway, I can take or leave all that part, though I would be thrilled to have my own Joe Morelli to spar with!

Do you have a series that you love to read?  Share in the comments.  (Although, if the answer is Twilight, don't feel obligated!  tee hee!)


  1. When I was younger I loved the secret seven and then Harry Potter came into my life!!! I HATE Twilight - I read two of the books but I actually got bored and the hype around it (which team are you? Jacob or Edward? Makes me laugh so much!).

    Now I tend to read books by pretty much the same author.

  2. Harry Potter
    The Hunger Games
    Right now, Game of Thrones

  3. I LOVE Stephanie Plum & JE's series! My MIL got me started on it and there are some books that you can't put down! I've read almost all of them. Her grandma is the funniest!
    Have you read any of Celia Rivenbark's books? They're funny 'southern' books that really make me laugh out loud. I wasn't born or raised in the south, but still crack up at what she writes. I also love Jen Lancaster, she's straight up hilarious and I'd love to be her IRL friend!

  4. I love both Celia Rivenbark (got my parents hooked on her essays) and Jen Lancaster. Jen's kind of my hero!


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