Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge - 11/23

1. Let's start with something controversial...dressing or stuffing? What's it called at your house and what's included in your recipe...cornbread? oysters? sausage? chestnuts?

It's called dressing.  My grandma makes two dishes of it, one drier and one a little wet.  It does not have cornbread, oysters, sausage or chestnuts.  And it is something I am already dreaming about...

2. Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?

I try hard not to compare myself with anyone, but that doesn't always work.  It seems like women are way worse about the comparison game than men.  I tend to compare myself to my friends, to people I went to high school with, to other bloggers.  I wonder if I am missing something or on the right path.  I think of how I could be thinner, be more organized, try harder.  And sometimes this comparison is good and spurs me on to new things.  And sometimes, it's not.  But I am learning to take the good, leave the bad, and love myself either way.

3. When were you last inside an airport?'s been a while since I have flown anywhere.  I think the last time I was in an airport may have been in 2006 when I went to DC.  I don't really remember another time, and I have done most of my traveling by car since then.  (In fact, we are already gearing up for the 5th Anniversary of the All Girls Road Trip heading to Virginia this summer!)

4. What is one side dish that absolutely must be included in a turkey dinner?

Mashed potatoes is the very first thing that came to mind.  Homemade rolls would be a very close second.

5. What Christmas song do you dread hearing?

"Christmas Shoes," which is hands-down the worst Christmas song ever.  This song does nothing but make me cry.  And they aren't happy tears, either--we're talking big, fat, ugly sobs.  And Christmas should make you happy, end of story.

6. If someone approaches you and asks for money do you give it to them? Do you drop money 'in a tin cup' that belongs to a person on the street? Do you have a specific charity you support during the holiday season and/or year round?

I live in a very rural area, so it's rare to have some approach you for money, like I saw in New York or other larger cities.  I think that sometimes it's better to go get them something, food or a warm blanket than to put money in a cup, but I suppose it depends on the situation.  I don't have a charity that I support all year long.  What I have found myself trying to do, especially with working in a high poverty school system is to try to find ways to help in disguise.  Last year, I had the opportunity to play Santa to several families and while the coordination sometimes stressed me out, it was so worth it to know that kids would have Christmas under the tree.  The big organizations are good and help many people, but I like keeping it personal, too.

7. Share a favorite Thanksgiving memory. If you live in a country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving share a favorite memory associated with food.

Every year, I would (and still do) wake up early and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  the performances at the beginning were as close as I would get to seeing a real Broadway show most years, and there was just something magical about the whole thing.  When Lib was older she grew to appreciate it, too.  In fact, we have been known to call each other while getting ready to talk about the parade before I head over for lunch.

8. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!  And a Merry Black Friday to all the shoppers out there, which does not include me!  I hope you have a day filled with love and delicious food and I can't wait to hear all about them next week!


  1. Think I need to hear this Christmas shoes songs!

  2. What is in your dressing? I'm steering clear of the stores on Friday too, or Thursday night as it happens this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. @Joyce I have no idea what's in the stuffing to be perfectly honest. All I know is it's fantastic!


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