Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 on Tuesday: My Favorite Christmas Songs and Movies

2 on Tuesday

This week, Andrea wants to know:

What are your two favorite Christmas songs? What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Picking my favorite Christmas songs was pretty easy.  My all-time favorite Christmas song is "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas."  I have downloaded enough versions of that song to just listen to it all of the time.  My favorite cover of that song is James Taylor's.  (His whole Christmas album is pretty awesome.  You should totally check it out if you don't have it.)   My second favorite song is "White Christmas."  I guess I just have a thing for the sort of melancholy Christmas numbers.  An honorable mention goes to "Go Tell It On The Mountain," and again James Taylor's version is pretty much my standard.  (Meanwhile, did you all check out the Annie Moses Band?  Because I am a little bit obsessed with their Christmas stuff too.  There are a ton of clips on YouTube!)

My favorite classic Christmas movie is White Christmas, hands down. (You can read more about that here.)  Picking my favorite newer movie is a little more difficult.  I think I would go with The Holiday, with Love Actually coming in a close second.  While they are not completely Christmas-themed, like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (which is hilarious), they totally give me the warm fuzzies. 

I can't believe that Christmas is so close!  I can't wait to hear what everyone else's favorite Christmas songs and movies.  As always, you can leave yours in the comments or go and link up with the fun at Andrea's blog.


  1. I really love Charlie Brown Christmas. I have several of the holiday Peanuts movies on DVD and can't wait until my kiddo is old enough to enjoy them.

  2. Love Actually and Christmas Vacation are my all-time favorite Christmas movies. I watch them every year. And also, sometimes in the summer...


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