Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Lists Are The Best!

I couldn't go a whole week without making a list.  I'm sure you aren't surprised.
  • I read all these bloggers who write beautiful and insightful things and think, "I should try harder to be beautiful and insightful."  And then I write a post that's just a big list or talks about my Sephora obsession instead.  (Hey, at least I am working on the exterior beauty!)
  • I have listened to "Shake It Out" by Florence + the Machine every single day this week at least once.  (Sometimes more than that.  Often loudly singing along in the car like a fool.)  I wasn't on the Florence bandwagon, but this song might drag me over there yet!
  • I think I have established a nice rhythm for my weeks this semester.  (work, homebound instructor, GED instructor...repeat)  Things are going to be busy, but I think that it will be fun.  See if I am still saying that in March when I add in track practice.  (I promise I am not complaining though.  I am loving this extra money.)
  • The new car (still trying to decide on her name) is getting surprisingly good gas mileage for a V6.  I'm more than thrilled at this news, since they say gas is going to be 70 gagillion dollars again this year.
  • Tonight is Friday night with Amber!  Two weeks is too long for us to be apart!
  • I found a website yesterday ( where you can listen to poets read their works.  My students had me laughing so hard yesterday in Literature that I was crying as they discussed the accents and topics, such as Elvis the depressed circus octopus.  (I wish I were joking.)  That is totally my favorite hour of the day!
So glad it's a three-day weekend!  I am looking forward to some sweet catch-up sleep!  Hope you have a great one!


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