Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Under Pressure

I just received the following email...

Hi Katie,
Lydia & Kate started following all of your pinboards. Follow Lydia & Kate back.
Happy Pinning!
- Ben and the Pinterest Team

It made me scream.  Then panic.  What if they think my pins are lame?  This is Lydia & Kate as in Rants From Mommyland, ya'll.  The people whom I deeply admire, even though I have no plans to actually become a mommy.  Even though they probably just followed everyone who followed them after their most recent post, I suddenly feel the need to be way funnier and more awesome than normal.  This is some serious Pinterest pressure, people!

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  1. You and I are in agreement on the school lunch thing. I pack my kids' lunches because I know the school lunch may have healthy components, but my kids won't eat those veggies or most of the proteins they serve which leaves them with . . . carbs. I may pack cookies in their lunches, but I know they'll eat the rest of the stuff in there too.


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