Friday, March 9, 2012

Frazzled Friday

I'm not really that frazzled but I love alliteration!  It's Friday, and you know what that means---time for a brain dump list of all the things I have thought this week.
  • God apparently misunderstood my prayers for straight hair.  Instead, I have sticks-straight-out hair.  Not really the same thing.  And kind of a hassle when you are trying to hurry up and get to work for morning duty.
  • I finished Sisterhood Everlasting.  And it was so.very.good.  It touched on so many different things and I don't think I have digested all of it yet.  It ended up really getting under my skin, maybe just because I am around the same age as the characters and I get what they are talking about.  I don't know.  But I highly recommend this book.
  • I have so much to do this weekend, much of it curriculum stuff and grading stuff.  It's hard to believe Monday marks the beginning of our fourth quarter.  We're in the homestretch, but I am working on some PowerPoints and things that I can use from here on out.  It's a lot of work upfront, but I am hoping it will be worth it in the end! 
  • I realized that with the exception of a couple bargain buy cardigans (less than $12 for both), I haven't bought myself new clothes in a couple of months.  I really am trying to save money, plus am not particularly pleased with my current size, so it hasn't been that hard.  But I am looking forward to picking up a few things for spring!
  • And don't even get me started on sandals!  It's already been so warm here that my feet are just dying to not be in socks anymore.  I'm a barefoot kind of girl anyway, but mostly right now I am a girl in need of a pedicure!  Maybe I will treat myself to one soon-ish!  (Speaking of, I might also want to look into shaving my legs.  They have been a little, um...neglected the past few months weeks.)
  • I am so glad it's the weekend!  And not to wish my life away, but I am really looking forward to next week and weekend, where I will get a day off and a night out with my friends!
Wishing you all a great weekend!  Got any big plans?  I love to hear what everyone's up to!


  1. My spring break started today when I walked out of the building. I am giddy but now I'm thinking a pedicure and a couple of new clothing items would make me even giddier.

    1. There's nothing better for the soul than a pedicure and a little shopping! It's a spring break staple for me!

  2. My spring break is not until the 26th.

    And I was totally kidding about American Idol. But look at you!

    1. Not surprising that I missed the joke. Been a little slow on the uptake today. (Stupid time change!)

      We aren't taking much time for a spring break this year. But I can't really complain since we will be out May 18th.


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