Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Brain Dump

Got a lot of things runnign around in my brain.  None of them are really related.  So you get a list.  My apologies...
  • Today, I lost a pair of shoes.  I have no clue where they are, and I just wore them this weekend.  And, of course, they were the shoes I was planning to wear today.  I realize that this is a minor problem, but it put a hitch in my giddyap first things this morning. 
  • It's the first day of spring and 84 degrees.  Seriously?  I don't live in the deep South, or in the Southwest.  This weather is just nuts!  Upside, it's not raining cats and dogs like it is in other places.
  • I've been trying not to complain as much.  Pretty obvious how that's working out, right?  Ha!
  • I really didn't talk about my weekend yesterday, but it was a really good one!  I spent Friday with my sister, shopping at a couple of local boutiques, where she got the cutest dress!  And Friday night, I went out with my girls (and a few of the guys) to hear our favorite local band at our favorite local pub.  And it was worth every second of dragging around on Saturday!
  • The van that I was driving and hit at deer with has been sold and will soon be out of my yard!  Score!!That made me so happy, because nothing says redneck like a non-running vehicle sitting in the ankle high grass in your yard.  (The grass will also be cut this week, thank goodness!)
  • Thanks to those of you who said a quick prayer for my evaluation last week!  It went very well and I received a good report from my boss.  Always ways to improve what I am doing, though, and I am anxious to spend my summer doing just that!  I'm a nerd that way.
  • Lunchtime update:  Last night, one of my seniors' parents brought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from her garden to thank me for being the senior sponsor.  I left them in my classroom as decoration and they smell so wonderful!  She has the most beautiful garden and I've been lucky enough to photograph it before.  Her sweet gesture made my night!
What's on your mind today?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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  1. I've been working on not complaining too. It's hard, isn't it? (was that a complaint?) Really eye opening as to how much I do in an average day!


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